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100% Recycled

April 6th, 2011 by Avital

recycled notebook

Let me go with you through the process of making that tiny stitched notebook.

It happened before I purchased the huge scrapbook.com order

My husband was away for work and I was bored.

I pulled up my scraps basket, which contains scraps of patterned papers and cardstock as well as old envelopes, pieces of boxes and other junque.

I pulled out my sewing machine and blew away a cloud of dust that covered it [hmm…], threaded it and hooked it up.

I played my favorite iTunes playlist on repeat.

And I started playing.

At first I just sewed [or tried to sew] scraps of papers together along with other stuff and created random stitched collages “to be used later on”. I have no idea when, where or what for, but I kept them all.

Then I pulled out an old watercolor paper I stamped on years ago and started stitching around the stamped and colored images and cut them off.

Then [and here is when that notebook started to emerge] I took an old cardboard cut out and a bunch of padding paper and sewed them together. You can see the sewn spine in the photo collage above, on the middle image.

Then I wanted to conceal the outer stitches [which were far from neat] and adhered a scrap of patterned paper I had left from an old Christmas collection pad.

After doing that I felt that something is missing and decided to adhere one of the stamped and sewn images I made before.

To hold everything together I added 2 layers of glossy Mod Podge.

Here is a glimpse of the notebook “in progress” [taken by my ancient phone cam…]:

stitched notebook

That is all.

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One Comment to “100% Recycled”

  1. Excellent project and love the way you shared your creative process…

    Hugs from Paris ~