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Bits and Pieces – Sweet Childhood Memory

June 16th, 2010 by Avital

childish meIn the process of sharing a few random facts about me I fell through a time loop and suddenly found myself five-years-old again. Yes, this is me in the picture. My parents took this picture because I fell asleep while reading a book. Soon enough I will never go to sleep without having 7-8 books around (I got bored reading just one at a time).

Well, when I was a small child I would NOT go to sleep without having my mom sending me to dreamland.

Each and every night (unless I fell asleep while reading) she had to put me in an envelope (i.e. cover me with my blanket), write the address on my back and put on a stamp (i.e. a kiss). Then she HAD to say – in this specific order – “Good night. Sweet dreams”.

Any modification of that formula resulted in severe sleeplessness and endless nagging. [I was such a lovely child to raise, wasn’t I?]

I remember how one night my mom was out on a work-trip and my dad had to send me to dreamland…

Now, to understand that properly you must know that my dad is a physicist and the notion of dreamland by itself is way out of his comfort zone.

However, as my dad is a realist, and comfort zone or not, having an extremely annoying child up until midnight is even farther from his comfort zone, he repeated the formula to a ‘t’ and sent me to dreamland. Only much to his chagrin, I had found a discrepancy and refused to go to sleep.

Those were the days…

I wish I will keep this memory close to my heart forever and ever.


Do you have a childhood memory you want to remember forever? Share with us by leaving a comment..

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5 Comments to “Bits and Pieces – Sweet Childhood Memory”

  1. Tassie says:

    What a sweet, sweet, memory. What a special mother to make sure a special memory. I have NEVER heard of that: “sending you to dreamland”. My children are all grown – but, I am going to remember that for my grandchildren. I don’t have any yet – but, I am storing up the ideas for when that happy day comes!

  2. hihihi, thanks for sharing!
    You made me giggle!


  3. Kathy says:


    It’s been awhile since i’ve visited your blog and this is one of the sweetest things i’ve ever read. what an endearing story. and what a sweet mama you had! Made ‘YOU’ a very sweet person. My wish is every child could grow up with such happy memories!

    Thank you for sharing this lovely part of you & your childhood! Now, I am going to check out what else i have missed.

    Take care.

    • Avital says:

      Kathy, thanks so much. That is such a sweet thing to say.

      I am lucky to have such fabulous parents and I am looking forward to their visit in August 🙂