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Chronicle An Unexpected Conversation – Journaling Prompt

April 29th, 2010 by Avital

Forget I asked Layout

[Font: Urania_Czech; Digital Kits: CS Torn Bits 2 by cat scraps (torn photo template), KD Jillian + KD Digi Essentials 5 (Alphas and coffee stains) + KD Essentials (staples) + KD Fly Boy – all by Karla Dudley.]
My husband is the uncontested king of unexpected conversations.

Whenever I ask him something – I can never foresee what the answer will be.

I think it’s precious. It really brightens my day – so I try to keep record of these random “conversations”.

The funky alphas and the coffee stains in Karla Dudley’s new release where helpful in portraying the craziness in this everyday Q & A.

Sharing Pearls of Wisdom

A: “How would you like your coffee?”
N: “20% cup, 60% milk and the rest coffee.”

A: “How would you have your eggs?”
N: “With my mouth.”

N: “I have been slaving all day in the kitchen.” [while boiling water for instant oats…]

A: “I love you.”
N: “You don’t love me. You think I am a pickle/ herring/ fridge…” etc.

Forget I asked…


What unexpected conversation have you been part of lately? Please share…

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