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Face Your Fear

December 6th, 2010 by Avital

Face Your Fear

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Journaling Reads

I never believed I will be ziplining at over 50 mph, just flying between heaven and earth until November 24, 2010. The day I did it. At the first zip line my heart skipped a beat and I felt a shortage of breath, mainly because of the speed. However, on the first actual track I just enjoyed the breathtaking views and was amused that after Nadav had asked if it’s possible to stop before reaching the break, it was me who stopped and started going backwards, followed by the instructor who kept throwing the rope and I kept avoiding it, until I understood it’s the only way I can reach base… It was fun and it was fulfilling. I can always trust Nadav to afford me these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Have you faced any of your fears recently? It seems like I am developing a pattern here… All thanks to my dear husband.

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2 Comments to “Face Your Fear”

  1. heeheehee! I was thinking the same thing…but surely you would have enough fears to devote an entire album to them 😉
    Great page and eventhough I’m afraid of height, that is something I have always wanted to try!!

    • Avital says:

      Oh, you should. It’s so fun and not that frightening (Though, we did pay a bit extra and went with the safer company that provides a sturdier harness). The truth is that I was farm more afraid of the velocity to even think about the height and the views were breathtaking so it was really worth it.