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Hybrid Mini Album – Step By Step

September 6th, 2010 by Avital

Hybrid Mini Album - Collage

On Friday my husband turned thirty.

My beautiful, wonderful, perfect husband has joined the thirty something group and I will join him in October.

I wanted to make a book telling him how awesome he is while incorporating photos from the last year in our life (and one from 29 years ago…)

The easiest way for me to go about it was to make a hybrid mini album.

A hybrid is an album created partly digitally on the computer and partly traditionally with papers, adhesive and other scrapbooking goodies.

I created all the photo collages and titles for the album with Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 8.0 and the rest by hand, here is how I went about it:


In this album I was using a ton of different products I have had piled up in my office, so I will not tire you with the complete list. I will only highlight some of the main products I was using and loving.

Step By Step Instructions

Digital Part

  1. Open a letter size file with 300 DPI resolution.
  2. Use the rectangle shape tool to draw a 6 by 6 square in the middle of your page – that will be your page base. Choose a very faint color for the square, to save ink later…
  3. Create your design only on the 6″ by 6″ area. (I only used fonts, “Impact” in particular.)
  4. To print your design, click on the eye icon next to the layers with your page design, that will conceal everything but the 6 by 6 square.
  5. Print your page on plain copy paper. It will be used as your positioning guide later.
  6. Now conceal the square by clicking on the eye icon and reveal your design again.
  7. Adhere a 6″ by 6″ piece of cardstock to the printed rectangle on your copy paper. Use temporary adhesive to make its removal easier.
  8. Put your copy paper through your printer again, with the cardstock attached to it.
  9. Print your page design.
  10. Repeat. (You don’t have to print the positioning guide again if you don’t move the square on your screen.)
  11. For the photos I just cropped each photo individually to the size I wanted it and layered all the photos on a letter size document I then printed on photo paper.
  12. raw materials

Traditional Part

  1. Crop all your photos.
  2. Design your pages, add letter stickers to add texture to the rather flat printed titles.
  3. You may also use the free journaling tags you can find here, on Creativity Prompt. They will help you add your journaling in an easy and polished way.
  4. After you finished all the pages design, gather all the pages in the order you want them to be and make sure no page is rotated.
  5. I also added two 6″ by 6″ acetate pages to protect the front and back cover pages.
  6. Use the crop-a-dile to punch holes for the book rings. Punch them at 1″, 3″ and 5″, about ½” from the edge.

Photos of the Finished Mini Album

Hybrid Mini Album Pages

Hybrid Mini Album Pages

Hybrid Mini Album Pages

Hybrid Mini Album Pages

Hybrid Mini Album Pages

Hybrid Mini Album Pages

Hybrid Mini Album Pages

Hybrid Mini Album Pages

Hybrid Mini Album Pages

Hybrid Mini Album Pages

Hybrid Mini Album Pages


Do you use the computer to add titles or other elements to your scrapbook pages? Please share by leaving a comment here.

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4 Comments to “Hybrid Mini Album – Step By Step”

  1. I do use my computer to add titles and sometimes journaling to my layouts, but rarely for a mini-album, and I don’t know why…..hmmm.

  2. What an unbelievably kind gift. I’m a few weeks away from turning 30 so this caught my attention. Maybe I should pass your tutorial along to my husband to see if he’s willing to get crafty!

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