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Inspiration Prompt #30 – Who Is Different?

December 15th, 2008 by Avital


I have just moved to the Bay Area in California, USA. That makes a total of three different countries in which I have been living for the past year and so. Three different continents and in each I have had the pleasure to meet a myriad of different people of different cultures (originating from all over the world). This experience has enriched me and made me think a lot about the definition of “normal” or “Who is different?”.

Society is very comfortable with people that are ‘normal’. People that fit right into the general blend. But if you shuffle the cards a little bit (or relocate often…) you find out that as everything else in life, being normal is relative as well. What’s normal in Israel (sharing your genuine opinion when you’re asked for it, for example) might not be normal in some European countries. What’s normal in Dublin (walking everywhere) might seem odd in some places in the US.

I would like to take this notion a bit further.

If the concept of who is normal changes between different countries and continents, then why shouldn’t we open up a bit more? Why do we strive to be normal and hang out with other normal people. Why is the different child always alone at the playground? One of my new year’s resolutions this year is to go ahead and play with that child. I want to be more tolerant because who said I am not the different one???

A while ago I have shared with you all the great things I have learned from my autistic nephew. I often think that he is an example of THE “perfect human-being” and certainly not I. Are you with me on that?

For this week’s inspiration prompt I urge you to take the concept of being ‘normal’ a bit further away and rethink the notion of ‘WHO IS DIFFERENT?’

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2 Comments to “Inspiration Prompt #30 – Who Is Different?”

  1. I think your New Year Resolution is wonderful.