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Journaling Prompt – Tell me What Are Your Pet Peeves And I’ll Tell You Who You Are

January 28th, 2009 by Avital
Pet Peeves
[Photo by: Simon James]

Every person has his or her pet peeves. I am talking about a minor annoyance that seems innocent at first glance but pretty soon makes you want to pull your hairs out.

When I am talking about pet peeves I am referring to those small things that drives you crazy, but no one else gets it. You can look at something, all annoyed and mad and a very poor* bystander would be clueless as for what are you fussing about.

*[This bystander isn’t the luckiest on earth as you are about to throw a tantrum at him]

I HATE injustice, lies, racism, chauvinism, hatred and such – but these are not pet peeves. These are common evils (which are, unfortunately, widely spread across the globe).

Saying that, I also HATE when someone leaves the dishes’ scrubbie inside the sink. It drives me c-r-a-z-y. It changes the way I look at that poor person from that day on… It’s totally insane, I know – this is why it is one of my pet peeves.

For this week’s journaling prompt I ask you to make a list of your pet peeves. Make your little (or rather long…) list of goofiness and let your gran-grand-children a glimpse to your inner world. A sneak peek into the small details that no one is ever going to know about you, unless you share them with the world.

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What are your pet peeves? Leave a comment and share your quirkiness – I did…

[I bet I have the weirdest pet peeves ever]

8 Comments to “Journaling Prompt – Tell me What Are Your Pet Peeves And I’ll Tell You Who You Are”

  1. Natural says:

    pet peeve. when someone calls me on the phone for information and when i start to give it to them, they say hold on, let me get a pen. drives me crazy.

    i also hate it when people at work use something and instead of throwing it in the garbage, which is right below the sink, they leave the trash on the counter. like an equal or sugar packet.

    have mercy!

    • Avital says:

      OMG, leaving trash on the kitchen counter (or inside the sink) is awful. It is totally one of my pet peeves too.

      The thing with people getting a pen, when they knew they are going to need it – hilarious!!!

  2. Diana Maus says:

    I hate being ignored. At the Post Office counter, and cashiers who don’t look up while taking your money, etc., especially while they are talking to co-workers while they hand you your change, from behind their back, which makes you drop half of it. Drives me nuts!

  3. Sondra says:

    I “hate” (strong word) drawers and cabinet doors being left open. I will even shut them at other people’s houses. What does that say about me? I am very curious.

  4. Lotus Vele says:

    Pet peeves? Do I have some pet peeves!!!! lol
    I drive a city bus and one of my biggest pet peeves on the job is when people stand at a bus stop-right under the sign mind you!- and they don’t want the bus! I pull up to them, open the door and they stare at me like I’m a moron! Then they say they don’t want the bus, or they’re waiting for a different route. GGGRRRRRR!

    Another would be people standing at the stop waiting for me, but they don’t have their fare ready. They’ll stand on the bottom step and start digging in their pants or purse. Most times I’m already running late… then they have the nerve to ask me if we’ll be making transfer… AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!! ; )

    At home, it would be newspapers. Drives me insane when there’s a newspaper left on the table (spread out), or on the floor, instead of in the recycling bin.

    another pet peeve (which I have a feeling we may all share) is my art stuff. I go nuts when someone uses my stuff and doesn’t put it back in it’s place! Scissors, tape, paint, paper, you name it! But do they learn? Of course not! I blow up every few days or so… lol!