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Journaling Prompt – Write Down Your Inside Jokes

March 25th, 2009 by Avital
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Wikipedia defines an “In-joke” as a joke whose humor is clear only to those people who are “inside” a social group or occupation; an esoteric joke.

Everyone has a bunch of inside jokes. Ones shared with family. Ones shared with friends. Ones shared with the significant other. Ones shared with colleagues, and so on and so forth. Usually a long list of internal jokes.

There are several “bonuses” in inside jokes, which are usually overlooked:

  1. Inside jokes are usually making you genuinely happy, whenever you hear them.
  2. Inside jokes make you feel connected to a certain group or a single person you share the joke with.
  3. Last, but not least, inside jokes has the ability to bring you back in time and evoke memories of when and how the joke was “born”.

Therefore I suggest in this week’s journaling prompt to start putting those in-jokes in writing.

Write down a list of inside jokes and the group of people or the person you share the jokes with.

I guarantee that every time you will look at the list, you are going to – at the very least – smile, if not laugh uncontrollably, and also bring up scenes of pleasure in your mind.

You will bring up the time the joke was created, perhaps late at night, after a couple drinks and a good movie. You will bring up scenes of you snorting juice when a friend mentioned this joke. It will bring up faces of people you care about. It will bring up times when you were happy and laughing and in a good mood.

The list has a pretty good chance to elevate your mood, each and every time you go over it.

Obviously there is no point in sharing an internal joke of mine… but I do urge you to list yours for keepsake.

Share –

Have you listed some of your inside jokes?
Who do you share most in-jokes with?

I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment on this post 🙂

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5 Comments to “Journaling Prompt – Write Down Your Inside Jokes”

  1. Natural says:

    i have been thinking of writing my jokes down but not to really share with anyone, but to produce a book.

    i always have jokes and i never prepare. most people here them when i do. it just comes so naturally for me to make funny.

    i’m thinking of a humor blog, definitely a humor book

  2. Oleg says:

    I thought another day about people eating animals, and how not all people approve of it. However, animals long time ago became an alternative source of food after humans. Later on vegetables started being an alternative for animals. Vegetable are alive, only without an ability to walk away. Since they do not walk, they do not need brain. As brainless creatures, they do not even know what is happening to them. They are getting skinned, thinly sliced, chopped, diced, crushed, fried or boiled alive. That is why before eating an animal, people make sure the brain is shot off, or they’d have a talking fried pig on a Christmas table. If it was a polite pig, it would be saying : “Marry Christmas! How’s your food? Would you like some gizzards? I have a wonderful liver. Mind getting fat?”

  3. Oleg says:

    One night I suddenly needed pads and went to get them at 7/11, having just enough money. I thought how strange it would be to walk into 7/11 at 3 in the morning and by only pads, not gas, not smoothy and not even a lottery ticket. To avoid embarrassment, I came up with a story.
    – Hi. :). I need pads for my cat, she keeps bleeding once every month for a week.
    – How long is it going on?
    – It’s been many years already.
    – Poor kitty. I used to be a veterinarian. Would you like me to stop by and take a look at your cat? I’ll do it for free.
    – Sure, why not? Of course.
    – May I have your phone number?
    – It’s nine hundred four millions, six hundred eighty three thousands and one hundred forty nine.
    – Would you repeat it again?
    – Oops,:) I forgot my own phone number! 🙂 It’s because I never call myself. 🙂
    I headed for the door, seeing in a window reflection of the clerk, who was already calling animal services.