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Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Fly Me To The Moon

I’ve been inspired by the lyrics of this song and decided to make my own inspiration “poster”. I used the fonts: Arial and FFF Tusj. I also used a couple textures, courtesy of Shadowhouse Creations.

Don’t you wish you could fly to the moon and sing among the stars?

I do.

What words inspire you?

Unleashing The Creative Child Within You
Back when we were kids creativity came naturally to us. Everything was possible and our prolific imagination was the only limit we knew.
Through the years we have grown apart from our inner creative child and along with that – have lost our pristine and utter joy of creation.

In this e-book I will pave your way back to your inner creative child, brick by brick.

“Unleashing The Creative Child Within You” will explain why you became distant from your core creativity and will reveal the secret to getting it back.

With exercises designed specifically to help you find the inner child within you, regain its confidence and unleash it – you are bound to get your mojo back faster than you think.

Your inner creative child wants to come out and play, so click here to get “Unleashing The Creative Child Within You” now.

Journaling Prompt #27 – Record Your Favorite Playlists

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

[Photo by: Ira Mejías, on Flickr.]

Music is a powerful tool. It can change your mood. It can convey a message of love. It can walk you through memory lane. It can get you into the holiday spirit. It can make you dance or sing along. Music is powerful indeed. This is why I believe it is important to make a note of your favorite playlists.

This week’s journaling prompt is to jot down several of your favorite playlists.

You can break your journaling down by the following tags:

  1. 10 of your all time favorite songs.
  2. Your favorite childhood songs.
  3. The songs that most remind you your family.
  4. Your favorite holiday playlist.
  5. Top 10 love songs.
  6. Songs that makes you go ahhhhh… What do you listen to when you want to RELAXXXXX?
  7. Which were the most favorite songs you’ve listened to in the past week?

Share –

You can learn some more about my favorite music from my Last.FM profile and see for yourself how eclectic a playlist can be…

Now it’s your turn to share, leave a comment and share some favorite tunes with me.

Feel free to copy & paste the above “tag-list” to your own personal blog, just don’t forget to mention this post for good measure 😉

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Journaling Prompt #6 – Observing Life’s Melodies

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

This is the forth entry in the observation series. The first one was about observing people. The second about observing the environment and the third was about observing food. This week’s prompt is about observing music.

The music we hear everyday blends seamlessly into our daily routine, so it is easy to miss it or even to refer to it as “noise” rather than music.

However this music can be beautiful, if you just take notice. It offers a symphony of sounds, differing in depth and in length, different tones echoing each other in harmony, or sometimes in disharmony which grabs your attention – whether you like it or not.

Have you ever stopped your daily havoc and tried to listen for a few minutes? Listen to the twitter of the birds. Listen to the winds blowing powerfully or the rain hitting the pavement rhythmically. Have you ever listened to the chatter coming out of your window or the highly pitched sound of enthusiastic children playing outside? Have you ever paid special attention to the sound of cars, trucks and motorcycles passing by the street and the different sound each vehicle produces. Have you ever stopped and paid attention to the wonderful melodies of life?

This week’s prompt is to take 15 minutes off of your busy day and take heed.

Relax, shut off the voices that are always rushing you through the day and listen. Pay attention to the different sounds that surround you each day without being noticed.

Today you will notice and you are going to write your impressions down. Make your writing colorful and full of all the emotions the sounds evoke. Try to encourage your reader with your writing to take a 15 minutes break as well and to listen. What sounds grabs your attention first? What sounds are the most beautiful and harmonic and which are just destructing?

It would be great if you shared your writing by leaving a comment to this post.

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