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Inspiration Prompt #13 – Collecting Stories

August 4th, 2008 by Avital

Every once in a while I visit the TED website. Their motto is to spread ideas and I find this philosophy beautiful and indispensable.

It is interesting that although I visit this website itself occasionally, I tend to stumble upon the most inspiring videos through links from other websites. I guess this oddity is very much in sync with the TED notion of “ideas worth spreading”.

This week I followed a link on Ali Edwards’ blog. Ali Edwards is a graphic designer who works in the scrapbooking industry and has the most interesting and beautiful life philosophy. She is all about telling the stories and capturing life through art. She has come up with the notion of “Life Artist” and had written the most amazing and inspiring book, carrying that name and glowing of that special philosophy.

As you can probably guess, by following the link on her blog I have stumbled upon another inspiring, beautiful and fascinating video in which Jonathan Harris, a computer scientist and an artist, lectures about his unique way of collecting stories.

While you’re out and about, seeking inspiration, check out Jonathan Harris’s project “We Feel Fine”.

Have a great day and don’t forget to collect stories.


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