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Avital Gertner-SametCreativity Prompt is my way of sharing my process of unleashing my inner creative child by providing useful ideas and exercises to boost your creativity – along mine.

The prompts are designed to spark creativity in many different areas – drawing, scrapbooking, journaling, creative writing and more. With these sparks I intend to ignite a fire of creativity in you as well as in me.

In order to put some structure into the process, there are 5 sections to the blog:

  1. Inspiration Prompts. A tidbit of inspiration. It can be a quote, an image, a video or any other inspiring idea which can help to jump start your day.
  2. Journaling Prompts. A journaling prompt is meant to get our creative writing juices flowing. I’ll suggest different topics or even different points of view or different methods of collecting thoughts and putting them together in writing
  3. Creativity Prompts. The prompt is a suggestion for a creative project. Sometimes the project is small and simple and other times it is more elaborate. Sometimes you will get written instructions, sometimes step-by-step photos and many times I’ll add an instructional video for you to follow and learn with your eyes. The idea is to summon your inner creative child and play.
  4. Freebies. Who doesn’t like freebies. I know I do. So almost every week I share a set of printables for you guys to download and print. You can use them as many times as you want, for any project – as long as it’s for personal use. If you wish to commercially use them, it’s possible. Just contact me in advance and I’ll discuss the details and the price of use with you.
  5. Workshops. I provide a lot of free content on my blog, including videos and clear step-by-step instructions for lots of elaborate projects. In addition I also provide paid workshops, where I interact with my students online – as much or as little as you wish – and help you get the most out of the creative experience. The self-paced workshops are unique, none of the paid content is available for free elsewhere on the blog.

I hope you will enjoy the ride and will find the prompts useful for your own process.


When you buy the products by following the links on this website, I receive a small commission by the merchant. Mind you, this does NOT affect the price you have to pay for the products. However, by following my links and buying the products I trust and recommend, you are showing your appreciation and support to Creativity Prompt.