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Journaling Prompt #2 – Wish Upon A Star

May 21st, 2008 by Avital


As a small child I was very keen on trying each wish-fulfilling-generator I had heard about.

I was wishing upon the falling stars.

I was on an everlasting pursuit after an ancient lamp to rub a genie out of.

I had sought the magical typewriter, which every time you type ‘I wish..’ on it – your wish comes true.

I was constantly perfecting my answer to the fairy who would grant me three wishes.

… and so on and so forth.

Once I had read in a children’s book that each person is granted with one wish, but no one knows when his time of fortune would arrive. In this book the reader is warned not to waste his time of fortune on benign things like guessing which bus would get to the station next. This warning had had a very strong impression on me, so for the next month I was constantly wishing the most magnificent of things. Among which I wished there would be no hungry children in Africa (at that time it was the number one reasoning for me to polish up my plate). I wished I would find a long lost treasure. I wished I would have all the colors in the world to paint with. You’ve got the picture.

As the years are passing by, my belief in miracles and wish granting genies is weakening … (I dare not say ‘vanishing’ as the wish-fairy might hear that). Nevertheless, I still have many secret wishes in my pocket. I am differentiating a ‘wish’ from a ‘goal’ by their likelihood to get fulfilled. The former is less likely to materialise than the latter.

For this week’s prompt I would like you to go back to the time where you strongly believed in miracles (you might not go back that much…) and to write down your three** most wonderful and splendid wishes. Remember, your wishes don’t have to be feasible !!!

**If your genie grants more than 3 wishes, go ahead and splurge.

Photo by: Okinawa Soba

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One Comment to “Journaling Prompt #2 – Wish Upon A Star”

  1. Newton says:

    Very inspiring! Really useful for mind. Thanks.