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Round Journaling Mates – Pre Order

May 25th, 2012 by Avital

Round Journaling Mates

I am glad to announce the release of two brand new sets of handmade Journaling Mates.

These Journaling Mates are now available for pre order.

Quantities, again, are limited…


Dimensions – The round epoxy stickers are larger then the previous square Journaling Mates.

Each sticker is 1″ | 2.54 cm in diameter.

Shipping –

  • USA – US $2.00 [Free shipping for orders of US $25 or more]
  • International – US $4.00 [Free shipping for orders of US $30 or more]

Tax –
CA sales tax applies to all purchases within CA.
On another note, if you live in the Bay Area – you may schedule a pick-up and save on shipping…


This is a calendar-themed set and has all the days of the week including two journaling prompt stickers.

This set contains 9 stickers and measures approximately 3½” by 3½” | 9½ cm by 9½ cm.

Price – US $9.00


This is a travel-themed set.

This set contains 6 stickers and measures approximately 2¼” by 3½” | 5½ cm by 9½ cm.

Price – US $4.50

Get all the Journaling Mates at Creativity Prompt’s online store.

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