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Creativity Prompt #3 – Ode to the Little Things – Part One

May 23rd, 2008 by Avital

The little things in life are very inspiring, should you pay attention to them. It is extremely easy to lose sight of the small things, in our pursuit to realise our biggest dreams and most extravagant goals.

The days of following an ant to its sandy castle are long gone. Nowadays, I consider myself lucky if I pay attention to the tweeting of the birds outside my window. Mostly I don’t – BUT the birds keep on twittering everyday. New flowers bloom everyday. Marvelous things happen everyday and we need to pay attention and to inhale their greatness and fuel our creativity with it.

This week’s creativity prompt is

  1. Pay attention. Today go ahead and take note of all the little things that you see. (Including the joy of having a freshly brewed cup of coffee or a traffic free ride to the office). Pay attention to your own list of magnificent little things.

  1. Document. You can document your list in a journal. You can incorporate your list in the book you are writing. Sketch or draw your list – illustrate it. Make a scrapbook layout or a mini-book dedicated to today’s list. Make your list a thing to remember and go back to when life’s marathon disables us from paying attention to the lovely twitter of birds.


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