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Fancy A Freebie? Printable Journaling Labels

March 2nd, 2010 by Avital

Printable Journaling Labels
For a reason, unknown to me, I have been fascinated with squared paper (and squared Japanese tape) lately.

As always, when something makes me happy, I open my Photoshop Elements and try to create it, so I can have unlimited amount of it…

Here is a variety of squared journaling labels I whipped up and wanted to share with my beloved readers.

Feel free to download it and use it for your amazing stories and precious memories [Click on the image to download the file. Personal use only]

I’d love if you came back and showed me, or told me, how you used those journaling labels.

Spread the word so others can enjoy the freebie too.

More free printables for your personal disposal.

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31 Comments to “Fancy A Freebie? Printable Journaling Labels”

  1. Melanie K. says:

    Thank you! I do that too with trends or things that catch my eye. Sometimes I think I spend more money in time than if I just bought it .. lol, but it is fun to make your own, huh?
    I do have to say I carved my own wood ‘bark’ stamp and I still LOVE using it!

    • Avital says:

      I do enjoy the process more than anything. It is fun to create something of your own.

      That stamp sounds amazing 🙂

  2. Tina S. says:

    Love it! Thanks so much for posting these. If my temperamental printer decides to work today I’d love to use these in the “Story” mini album I am making. Yesterday said printer was being very uncooperative but I have my fingers crossed. Thanks again….these are really practically perfect in every way!

  3. Sally Hackney says:

    Hi Avital, I can’t download this file. I get a message that there’s a problem downloading with the number “109”. I think I have the most recent version of adobe…so maybe you can help me? Thanks, Sally

    • Avital says:

      Try to right-click on the link and opt for the “save file as…” or “save link as…” or a similar option. Tell me how it worked out for you.

      • Sally Hackney says:

        That worked just fine! I should have thought of that. Thanks loads! Sally

        • Avital says:

          You are very welcome. Thanks for stopping by and expect some new printables SOON 🙂

  4. Debbie says:

    Thanks Avital. I love the squared graph look too at the moment. Debbie 🙂

  5. Lisa Salkeld says:

    This is cool! Thank you!!

  6. Tiffany says:

    Luv the new fashionable swirly tags, thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Deanna says:

    Thanks so much! Just adorable. I’m gonna link you on my blog.

    • Avital says:

      Thanks! You are very welcome for the labels – I’ll be posting more soon 🙂

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  9. Just saw this Taly, it is gorgeous, thank you!

  10. FuzzyCricket says:

    Thank you! Graph paper has always been my favorite school supply. It’s just so darn versatile. 🙂

  11. Cathy Doerr says:

    Thank you so much. These are great for hybrid journaling tags. Love them!

  12. Paola says:

    Love these tags, tks a lot for sharing!

  13. Katrina says:

    Great tags! Thanks!

  14. Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy says:

    Thank you for the super cool freebies!

    • Avital says:

      You are very welcome. I’m super exited with the ones I’m sharing this Friday, so stay tuned 🙂

  15. Alison C says:

    Thank you so much for these fab printables – I LOVE them all – just cant wait to use them!!!!! I cant wait to see what you come up with this Friday!!! Once again, many many thanks

    • Avital says:

      You are most welcome! Thank you for stopping by.
      P.S. – I’m not posting new freebies only on Fridays… Check out today’s post, for instance and last week’s lists as well.

  16. Maggie says:

    Thanks for sharing these amazing designs. I’ve just gotten hooked on the Smash Journals and have been on a hunt for great journaling printables to jazz up my quick pages. These are perfect!

    • Avital says:

      I’ve gotten hooked too 🙂

      I am so glad you like my printables, thanks for stopping by!