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Friday Freebie – Fancy Schmancy Labels

March 25th, 2011 by Avital

Free Journaling Labels
This week I am sharing these super cute fancy schmancy journaling labels with you guys (for personal use only).

To download it simply click on the image (or the link) and if it doesn’t work try to right-click on it and opt for the “save target as…” option (it may be phrased a bit differently on different operating systems – but do NOT opt for the “save image as” option, as you will get the low resolution tiny preview image).

I hope you like it and have lots and lots and lots of fun with it.

Make sure you didn’t miss the rest of the free printables on Creativity Prompt.


How are you going to use these labels? Please leave a comment and share.

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7 Comments to “Friday Freebie – Fancy Schmancy Labels”

  1. we love saying fancy schmancy at our house! and just because of that i’m going to have to print these out and do something with them…you know i’ll share!

    • Avital says:

      Fancy schmancy is a very important word here too 🙂 I’m looking forward to see your project, they are always fahhhhh-bulous. 🙂

  2. jessica says:

    i love all the printable freebies, but so many of them are red, blue, brown, orange and even though i love the shape or pattern on them i won’t use them. 🙁 how about some versions in pink, purple, gray, turquoise, aqua green?

    • Avital says:

      I guess I’m always gravitating toward my favorite colors and also look at these as “safe” colors that are somewhat universal and appeal to most people. I have posted a while back a tutorial on how to change the color of my printables with a photo editing software. You may find it here:http://www.creativityprompt.com/how-to-change-the-color-of-the-journaling-tags/ .

      However I will try to make more colorful ones. I am working on some flower sketches right now, so stay tuned.

      By the way, these are more on the pink side and on Wednesday I shared turquoise labels as well.

  3. Well, I’m happy and grateful for what you do for us and the way you do it too!! (hint, hint!)

    These are great because you made them, because I love the pointy shape on one side ( very creative) and because they’ll be easy to cut. I can’t wait to see what type of flowers you’ll add? vintagey? I loved the “old roses” you generously offered in December…

    I have an idea for these…it has to do with a lot of layering…hmmmmm…you got me thinking ;-))

    On a different and utterly crazy note: I had a dream we were overlooking a courtyard in which some guy worked. We both thought he looked just like Mark Walhberg and we started laughing…crazy….I know!!

    Have a fabulous week-end!

    • Avital says:

      I would love for us to get together and if we happen to spot someone who looks like Mark Walhberg it will definitely be a bonus, though I’m not sure laughter would be my first reaction 🙂

      Thanks for the sweet things you’ve written. After posting these labels I regretted not making the left edge straight, I don’t like the look of the rounded end, because it defeats the purpose of making the label look like it had been cut. Next time…

      On Monday I have another basic labels set coming and after that I’ll post the floral labels. They are not vintage at all but rather modern and edgy. I pretty much mixed up the romantic, floral look with a more modern execution. I hope you’ll like it.

  4. me again 😉

    I do love that mix of shape Avital, I think the rounded corners softeness the pointy edge and create the perfect balance.

    Anyway, I have included one in the page I’m finishing now ( i’ll be sure to link up)
    I also thought that with a little time, I could make a Baby Book using 12 of your tags (1 per month) and using the Junque collection from Pink Paisley. Another idea is to add a little mist and/or stamping on them to put on top of “grown-ups” goodie bags…

    Can’t wait to see what monika will do with them 😉