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Friday Freebie – Some More Outnumbered Journaling Cards For December Daily

October 28th, 2011 by Avital

Free Journaling Labels
This week I am sharing yet another set of FREE numbered journaling labels with you guys (for personal use only).

Pick up the former journaling cards here:

  • 1-10 numbered journaling cards.
  • 11-20 numbered journaling cards.
  • 20-30 journaling cards (in this post)
  • The rest will be available next week.

    To download it simply click on the image (or the link) and if it doesn’t work try to right-click on it and opt for the “save target as…” option (it may be phrased a bit differently on different operating systems – but do NOT opt for the “save image as” option, as you will get the low resolution tiny preview image).

    Make sure you didn’t miss the rest of the free printables on Creativity Prompt.


    How are you going to use these labels? Please leave a comment and share.

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    29 Comments to “Friday Freebie – Some More Outnumbered Journaling Cards For December Daily”

    1. Christi says:

      I will be using them in my december daily smash folio. thanks for a great download

    2. I see cards,
      I see minis
      I see DDs
      I see Advent Calendar
      I see genius
      I see FUN
      I see all kinds of nifty things
      I see amazing cards
      I see generosity
      I see a very happy girl in a few days when she’ll be back to her scrap tools 😉

      THANK YOU my Friend!

    3. Deebi27 says:

      I am thinking advent calendar for my future step children and possibly a count down to Christmas for my Pre-K classroom! Kids, Kids, Kids!

      Thanks so much!

    4. jenny dziekan says:

      Thank you soo much!! Can not wait to use these in my dd this year. Also, thinking i may need to make a fun little advent somethin somethin for my brood!

    5. Great set of cards! Thanks so much 🙂

    6. Noell says:

      These look so good! Great job, Taly!

    7. Nancy says:

      Hi Avital! Guess what?! You’ll never guess so I’ll tell you! I FINALLY got ink!! YES, I did!! lol It turns out it’s been SO LONG since I’ve had ink that I don’t actually have the printer installed in the laptop! haha But I’m almost there, Aviatal, almost there! 😀 Oops…thank you for the great journaling cards! 🙂

    8. Jennifer B. says:

      These are awesome! Thank you so much!

    9. Robin says:

      So many ideas for these. Thank you so much for sharing!! 🙂

    10. Sierra says:

      Hey, I LOVE these! I only have one problem with them: December has 31 days in it. Will you make a 31 please? Thanks, friend! I can’t wait to use these in my December Daily! 🙂

      • Sierra says:

        OOOOOOOPS! I spoke too soon….sorry! Now I see that you put the 31 with the last batch of cards. So, never mind, your cards are simply perfect and thank you for sharing! They will be a lovely addition to my DD! 😀

        • Avital says:

          You are welcome 🙂
          I’m glad you like them.

          I post new printables almost every week (I rarely miss a Friday Freebie…)

    11. imafarmgirl says:

      So excited to use these in my december daily.. thanks!!

    12. Pascale says:

      I’m so grateful to you Avital! I had downloaded you DD tags a while ago because I love them, but I’ve been struggling with my December Daily prep work because I had my mind set on sleeved page protectors but I could not find what I needed in Europe (12 x 12 would be too big for my DD). I finally trimmed some A4 business cards page protectors and I was over the moon when I found out that your cards fit just perfectly in te new slots I had created! Thank you so much!

      • Avital says:

        You are very welcome and your solution is very clever and super creative. I’m glad my cards fit 🙂

    13. Lisa Grande says:

      Thank you x3, for batch #3 for my December Daily book.

    14. Zima says:

      Thank you so much!

    15. Morgan says:

      These are brilliant, thank you so much!

    16. Love! These would be great for making personalize advent activity cards too. Thanks for sharing!!