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Inspiration Prompt #25 – Smile

November 10th, 2008 by Avital

Smiling Horse
The picture was taken in Iceland a few months ago. I was trying to take a picture of that horse eating grass from the hands of two cute little girls. The girls would not stand still and I could neither take a picture of them feeding the horse nor a picture of the horse itself. Finally, the girls went away and the minute I pointed my camera directly at the horse’s face – IT SMILED. This isn’t a camera trick – I wish I could take more photos but I was in total shock and this is the only shot I took.

Have you smiled today? If you have not smiled yet then smile now!!!

About eleven years ago, My friend and I were about to go on a “girly-girl-date” together. We were both feeling a bit down, each of us for her own reason (hence the need for a “girly-girl-date”). My friend had made some finishing touches with her hair and came out of her room with a grin. “What are you so happy about?” I asked. “Nothing”, She answered. “I’m still not feeling very well, but this is a kick start for our date, try it too”.

I tried and it worked – now it’s your turn to give it a try too.

Why smiling?

Smiling is the best and quickest way to elevate your mood. It’s an instant remedy, even if you have nothing to smile about. Try it. If there’s no one next to you right now or if you don’t mind the audience just make the widest most radiant smile you can come up with. Keep smiling for at least a couple minutes and see how you are already starting to feel a wee bit better.

Share –

How does the smiling-therapy work for you? Leave a comment and share. While you’re at it, include one of your best jokes in your comment. I am looking for the joke that would make me laugh even on my worst day.

Thanks for sharing!!!

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10 Comments to “Inspiration Prompt #25 – Smile”

  1. Natural says:

    That is an awesome shot, could not have planned it any better. Yes it did make me smile even more. I didn’t use to smile as much as I do now. Strangers would stop me on the street and say smile, what’s the matter. I think I just have a long face (like the horse)…so for the past few years I have been smiling a lot more. It does make you feel better and I’m always good for a laugh. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love ur site ..cool!!
    We are going to have little projects on my site very soon !! But i sooo love that horse!!

  3. Carol says:

    I have a husband who has lupus. One day everything is good and the next day we can be in a emergency room because he has a 104 fever. I have a choice, either go thru everyday depressed because we haven’t been able to do all the things we planned in our life together or I can smile and laugh and enjoy this time. The here and now. I love to laugh and joke. My friends are always joking that I can find humor in anything.

  4. carol says:

    I wrote my thoughts about smiling and laughing and forgot to write my comment on the picture of the horse.

    “Quick,do I have alphafa stuck in my teeth? I want to go talk to the blonde behind me.”

  5. Joao Dib says:

    I see so many horses and this got to be the best smile ever..



  6. kelly says:

    that horse isnt smiling its smelling a strong smell by pushing the air down its vomeronasal organ to get a more accurate smell !!

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