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Inspiration Prompt – The Measure Of A Man

March 16th, 2009 by Avital

The measure of a man The measure of a man is something illusive, yet we always try to capture it.

We mostly measure ourselves. With severity. We also measure the people we care about, our family and friends. We tend to measure the people we work with – our colleagues and our rivals. Sometimes we measure the person standing before us in the line or crossing the road…

There are so many things that are easy to measure with strict measurement criterions, like length, density, capacity. We pull out the tape measure or the scale or the particle accelerator (the latter would be pulled out by my father at his lab…) and come up with a simple and mostly accurate answer.

That isn’t the case when trying to measure a character.

So what is the measure of a man?

Here is an inspiring quote by Kahlil Gibran explaining how a man should NOT be measured:

To measure you by your smallest deed
is to reckon the ocean by the frailty of its foam.
To judge you by your failures
is to cast blame upon the seasons
for their inconsistencies.

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6 Comments to “Inspiration Prompt – The Measure Of A Man”

  1. Laura Diekevers says:

    His Faith and integrity.

    • Avital says:

      Thanks Laura, those two are the main characters I believe in as well! I really cannot tell which is more important. Bot, in my opinion, can only be measured throughout time… A long period of time.

  2. ruthi says:

    i think that too many people measure others by external characteristics that have actually nothing to do with the real measures of a person – like the car he is driving, the title on his business card, the brands he is buying and wearing, the neibourhood he lives in etc. this is something that we should put on our agenda when thinking of education starting with ourselves.

    • Avital says:

      This is too familiar to me… I totally agree. Those material things cannot measure a person!

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