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Journaling Prompt #13 – Write A Handwritten Letter

August 6th, 2008 by Avital

My parents have recently received a letter addressed for me. A friend I haven’t seen or heard from for 10 years sent it to my parents’ house, which was also my home 10 years ago … I cannot express how excited I was and how happy I felt receiving that letter.

Truth be told, I would have probably been very excited had I received an e-mail from that old friend, rather than the old fashioned handwritten letter. Having said that, receiving an handwritten letter felt different. It brought me back 10 years and made me feel like my friend and I were saying our goodbyes just yesterday. It felt so real to see her familiar handwriting scribbled on the white paper with vibrant blue ink. Ten years have passed and I still recognize her handwriting and it still evokes the same emotions in me.

A handwritten letter is different. It is more engaging. It is more magical. It brings back old memories. It seems more personal. It is different.

This week’s journaling prompt is to write a letter to a long lost friend and mail it to him or to her.

Beware, magic can come about!

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Last but not least, please share your letter writing experience with me.

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2 Comments to “Journaling Prompt #13 – Write A Handwritten Letter”

  1. Calins says:

    Reading thru your journaling prompt,
    this one is easy…
    I prefer to write letters instead of emails
    It is all about the time that a person sits down to write something just to you
    And i don’t do short letters…

    • Avital says:

      Thanks for sharing! I’m sure your acquaintances appreciate the extra time you take to write their letters 🙂