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Journaling Prompt – April Fools Edition – Play A Reporter

April 1st, 2009 by Avital
April Fools
[Photo by: Demi Brooke]

April Fools. One of my least favorite days. It isn’t that I don’t like a good joke, but I am very gullible (and apparently too honest) and I always fall for these pranks. My husband takes full advantage of it and he pulls pranks on me all year round…

Today I have an idea for an April Fools’ piece of mischief and I want you to take part in it… (and to document it in your journals, scrapbooks, local newspaper… Where ever…)

Your April Fools Assignment is: Write a note of admiration to someone (your husband??? colleague???) and sign as “Your number one fan“. Feel free to add a special touch with a rose or a bar of chocolate. THEN put on your reporter’s glasses and document your victim’s quest to find his secret admirer…

Not only is it going to be hilarious, but you are going to perpetuate a memory of a fun tradition as well.

Share –

I’d love to hear your stories, if you take part in this practical joke. Leave a comment on this post and share.

Do you want to share other practical jokes you have pulled, or jokes that have been pulled on you? Feel free to share, you know I want to hear I am not the only one….

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