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Inspiration Prompt #24 – Things I Have Learned From My Autistic Nephew

Monday, November 3rd, 2008
 french Girl & Boy autist at Villa Cosmao, Bretagne - France

Illustration By: Alain Elorza

My first nephew was a beautiful baby who has grown into a beautiful little boy. When he was 1 year old he could already calculate simple arithmetic. About half a year later he started losing his language and wanted to be left alone. My beautiful nephew was diagnosed a few years later. He has autism.

Finding out about my nephew’s condition had been devastating for us. We didn’t know what to expect and we only knew he’s special. Now I know how fantastic he really is. How pure and sincere this wee child is. I would like to share the inspiration he has given me with you:

  1. Get absorbed in the moment. My nephew notices textures and colors in an intense way. He touches everything he wants to observe, and he’s eager to observe every little detail. He doesn’t rashes through life but rather takes complete heed. If there’s an ant, making her way home with a seed on her back, my nephew’s wide and awake eyes will notice and follow.
  2. Switch off jealousy and competitiveness. My nephew has never had feelings of jealousy or competitiveness, he is the purest person I have come to know. He is sensitive and always seeking the well being of his loved ones. The negative thoughts are completely switched off and he does not recognize them (hence cannot understand why others switch these negative forces on).
  3. Smile. My nephew can lose touch with everyone and run away to be left alone, but when he’s interacting with people he loves (and he always loves a person, the first time he sees him or her) he has the widest and most pristine smile you can ever imagine. The kind of smile that gets you out of a bad mood in an instant. When my nephew smiles at you – you cannot help it but smile too. You instantly fall in love with him.

It will take me a lot of time and practice to fully adopt all the elements which my nephew naturally lives by, but I am learning and evolving – all thanks to my wonderful nephew.

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