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Inspiration Prompt – Remember & Never Forget

Monday, April 20th, 2009
Holocaust Commemoration
[Photo by: Julián Lozano]

Today is the Holocaust Memorial Day. 71 year have passed and we still remember. 71 years have passed and we shall never forget.

My grandmother had lost her beloved fiance. My grandfather his wife and 5 year old daughter that was shot against his own unbelieving and crying eyes. Eyes that have seen much horrors in Auschwitz later on. My grandparents on my father’s side were expelled from their own home with 2 little babies and my grandfather got sent to a labor camp, leaving my grandmother and aunts alone.

I have recently read the book “Night” by: Elie Wiesel. I strongly recommend anyone who has not read this book before to read it and to spread the word to others. It is essential to learn and never forget the ungodly horrors which were Mr. Wiesel and my late grandfather’s awful reality for several years.

Reading the book “Night” has given me my first heart shattering glimpse at what my late grandfather, of blessed memory, had been through while walking in the valley of the shadow of death.

My grandfather had chosen to be silent and until reading this book I didn’t fully know the extent of his suffering. I still cannot fully understand, no one can – unless one sees the death in his own eyes and feel the torture on his own skin and on the bodies of his loved ones.

My grandfather had remarried after the war and started a new family. He gave life to my mother and uncle, after he had lost his 5 years old daughter who was shot and his wife who had been destined to the crematorium. When my grandfather had left the camp he weighed 83Lb. A grown man whose life were not valued because of his Jewish descent.

My grandfather had chosen to stay silent. God knows what nightmares had flooded his nights every day. God knows what sights had reemerged in front of his eyes every time he was slipping away into daydreaming. Still he had chosen to stay silent. He had chosen to keep his perpetual smile on and to always have some chocolate in his pocket to hand over to children at the park.

By reading “Night” my grandfather’s silence has been broken for the first time. I am overwhelmed with grief and sorrow and with rage.

The author of “Night”, Elie Wiesel has received the Nobel prize for peace and said we must not be indifferent for the suffering of other human beings. We must not be neutral, as being neutral only serves the oppressors. We must never forget and take a pledge upon us: “NO MORE”.

This book isn’t easy to read. It is more difficult when you know and understand it isn’t fiction but a document of recent history. It is unbearable when you know you are reading about what your own grandfather had gone through.

This inspiration prompt might burden on your day, I am sorry. Nevertheless, I strongly believe it is important to get inspired by awful memories as well. A memory of an horror that has recently occurred might keep humanity from re-occurrences…

Let us pray together a simple prayer: Our Lord, Please, No More.


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