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Inspiration Prompt #20 – The Canvas Of Life

Monday, October 6th, 2008
A palette of watercolours and a brush.
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Life in itself is an empty canvas,
it becomes whatsoever you paint on it.
You can paint misery, you can paint bliss.
This freedom is your glory.

I am still on a new-year-new-beginnings state of mind and what can be a better paradigm for the year than the canvas of life.

Each year we are gifted with a blank canvas on which we can paint in any way we choose to paint. We can use a large variety of mediums and tools – but moreover, we have the power to refrain from using some colors, shades and tones that do not do our life-art any good.

Our life is what we make of it. Our picture is what we choose to paint on our canvas. It depends on our rough sketch, our color-palette and the box of tools we choose to take along with us. Provided that we have taken the right tools and paints, our rough sketch will be taken over by more and more confident brush strokes.

This Wednesday is the Jewish “Day of Atonement”. (Yom-Kippur) On this day we are supposed to look deep into ourselves, beyond our material needs (such as food, water and bathing) and prepare an “analysis of the soul“.

This is the perfect opportunity for me to draw my rough sketch on the canvas of life.

Needless to say, this notion is open for every soul in the world and observing Judaism (or Yom-Kippur) is irrelevant (Hey, it’s a notion suggested by Osho…). The proximity to the holiday just puts me in a reflective state of mind which brings me to write about it right now. That’s it.


  • What would you like to draw on your canvas of life?
  • What colors and tools would you like to use?
  • What colors and tools would you like to steer clear of?

Leave a comment with your answers and thoughts.

Vote of Confidence –

I am bringing my heart and soul to this blog. I have done that from the very first day. Therefore, it’s always nice to know the blog is appreciated by my readers. This vote of confidence is rejuvenating and gives me an enormous boost of motivation.

Therefore I would like to take note of several affirmations I have received last week:

Thank you all – your positive feedback is much appreciated.

Feedback is also extremely important when it contains constructive criticism, so I can improve and make this blog even more fabulous.

So remember, I am always pleased to hear from you guys!!! Whatever you have to say.

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