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For This I Am Thankful…

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

I am dedicating this post to you, my dear readers. I am grateful for you!

I am thankful for you following my blog.

I am thankful for you leaving heartfelt comments and messages – encouraging me and sharing your stories, your thoughts and sometimes even your struggles.

I am thankful for you spreading out the word through your personal blogs, Twitter and Facebook and sharing posts and ideas you like with your friends and followers.

I am thankful for your patience on weeks in which life happens.

I am thankful for your participation in my workshops and the lovely feedback you are leaving and warming my heart with.

I am thankful for your support in Creativity Prompt via buying the products you need through the links I provide.

I am thankful for you!

Thank you so much!

As a token of my appreciation I am giving you two printable files with labels and journaling tags (you can punch out the tags with a 2″ circle punch):

  1. Lables
  2. Circular Journaling Tags

[To download the files: either click on the links above OR right-click and opt for “Save Target as…” or “Save Link as…”; Print with no scaling on a letter-size cardstock or sticker sheet]

Photoshop Elements Tip – Adding A Hand Drawn Element

Here is how I added the hand-drawn flowers to my tags:

  1. Draw your elements with a black marker on a plain white paper.
  2. Scan your element in high resolution.
  3. Open the scanned file in Photoshop Elements.
  4. Press Ctrl+L or Command+L and tweak your levels, so the white is bright white and the black is pitch black.
  5. You can also use the eye-drop tool on the Levels Menu.
  6. Open a new layer beneath your scanned elements.
  7. With the Quick Selection tool select all the white areas and press Delete. Make sure you are working on the scanned elements’ layer. The checkerboard pattern means this part is transparent.
  8. Save the file as a PNG file – that will keep the transparency attributes.
  9. With the rectangle selection tool select the element you want to use and then press on the Move tool.
  10. Open the file you wish to insert the hand drawn element to, drag and drop your hand drawn element into the file you have just opened. Re-size as needed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

[Due to the holiday – and my limited access to my husband’s MAC… – there will not be a Creativity Prompt this week, but I have included the tutorial above, enjoy! 🙂 ]

Make Your Own Planner Workshop
“Capture Your Dream” workshop is relaunching as a self-paced workshop. Isn’t it the perfect time for you to capture your dream and make it happen?

Make Your Own Planner Workshop
Check out the new “Make Your Own Planner” workshop and you may solve this year’s holiday gift shopping problem. An affordable workshop that keeps on giving…

Things I have Been Up To Lately…

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

I want to share with you some things I have been up to lately.

  1. Make Your Own Planner WorkshopRelaunching. After receiving many requests from my readers I have finally set up a self-paced version of the popular workshop “Capture Your Dream“. That means that you can take the workshop at any time and start instantly. But isn’t this time of year the perfect time to make your biggest dream come true? I think so too.
  2. Creating. I have been busy making stuff, which means I have been busy being way too happy 🙂 “Making Stuff” and “Happy” are synonyms in my book.

    I have been scrapooking:

    Autumn in Mountain view Digital Layout

    [Supply: Penned Words: Autumn By Shimelle Laine; Autumn Apples Polka Dot Papers by Shimelle Laine]

    and I have been making cards:

    handmade cardshandmade cards

    [Supply: Bazzill Kraft cardstock, Basic Grey patterned paper, Hero Arts Heart Winged Butterfly, Artistic Windows & Woodgrain Pattern; Glitz Designs Distress Kit 2 stamp set; Papertrey Ink Polka Dot Basics stamp set; Gems; Ribbon; Crop-a-dile; Eyelets; Corner Chomper; Versamark ink; Clear embossing powder; Heat gun; Rock Candy crackle paint; Pink + Aqua gel pen; Colored pencils; Blender pen; Palette Hybrid ink in Vintage Cream]


What have you been up to lately? Leave a comment and share.

Make Your Own Planner Workshop
Check out the new “Make Your Own Planner” workshop and you may solve this year’s holiday gift shopping problem. An affordable workshop that keeps on giving…

Sweet Announcement – I Am On Shimelle Digitals Design Team

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Shimelle Digitals - CupcakesI have no idea how I was able to contain myself until now, but I’ve made it somehow and now I can finally tell: I have joined Shimelle Laine‘s Design Team.

I will be doing both digital and hybrid projects, using Shimelle Digitals kits.

I love Shimelle. I have been a loyal follower ever since I took my first workshop with her: “Home Sweet Home” which was so awesome it almost immediately followed by another one: “My Freedom”.

I am thrilled to work with Shimelle’s fabulous kits alongside the extremely talented Baker’s Dozen, my teammates:

  1. Allison
  2. Anso
  3. Avital [Hey, it’s me…]
  4. Dolly
  5. Elisa
  6. Helen
  7. Karen c.
  8. Karen m.
  9. Kate
  10. Nadine
  11. Rani
  12. Sheri
  13. Yvonne

This is my first layout for Shimelle Digitals:

Childhood Dream Layout

In this layout I used only the Long and Winding Road Kit and Free Long and Winding Road Add On. Fonts: Clementine Script, VT Portable Remington and Berlin Sans FB; all available at Dafont.com.

Take a look at my teammates layouts (click on the links above) to see how they came up with 12 completely different and totally amazing layouts, all using the same kit!

I guess the possibilities are truly endless…

Keep your eyes open, I will be posting tutorials for some great hybrid projects using Shimelle Digitals kits.

Make Your Own Planner Workshop
Check out the new “Make Your Own Planner” workshop and you may solve this year’s holiday gift shopping problem. An affordable workshop that keeps on giving…

ATC Swap Reminder

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Artist Trading Card (ATC)
Just a reminder about our ATC swap. The registration will end the coming Thursday at 4:00 pm (PST).

If you want to join the swap, register here.

Leave your Name and e-mail in the comment’s form but not in the comment’s body and say “I’m in” [or anything else you fancy].

After the list of participants will be closed, I will e-mail you with all the necessary details.

So far the following Creativity Prompt readers have joined:

Reminder: Artist Trading Cards Swap

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Artist Trading Card (ATC)Last Friday I shared my process of creating this artist trading card (aka: ATC) with you.

In that post I asked whether you will be interested in an ATC swap here on Creativity Prompt.

In the meantime there were a few responses directly to my e-mail.

If you are interested in participating in the swap, please leave a comment here.

Don’t forget to include your e-mail address in the comment’s form so I will be able to contact you with the details. Do not mention your address in the comment itself to avoid possible spammers.

Have a great day!

Hero Arts: A Place To Visit. A Company To Love

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Hero Arts: A Plcae To Visit. A Company To Love

Hero Arts is debuting its new web design this week as well as some of its new stamps design. This is a fabulous opportunity to say a few words about Hero Arts. (Unsolicited!)

Why I love Hero Arts?

  • High quality products.
  • Fabulous, innovative designs.
  • Environmentally conscious company.
  • Great source for learning new techniques and coming up with new ideas.
  • Wonderful, friendly and encouraging community.
  • Generous and humble people.

Why would you love Hero Arts

For the past year (probably more than a year) there hasn’t been one week without hundreds of dollars worth of fabulous giveaways… Need I say more?!

show your support

Check out the Hero Arts blog.
Follow Hero Arts on twitter.
Become an Hero Art fan on Facebook.


In the coming week I will be concentrating on the finishing touches for my upcoming workshop: “Capture Your Dream” so I will not be posting any prompts.

Feel free to browse the archives for Inspiration Prompts, Journaling Prompts and Creativity Prompts. There are TONS.

If you are registered to the workshop – make sure to confirm your e-mail address (contact me if you haven’t confirmed it already).
If you are not yet registered to the workshop – be sure to check it out and join – spots are going fast.

And The Winner Is…

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Random Pick

And so the $50 gift certificate to Scrapbook.com goes to:

The winner

Congratulations Tonya!!!

Thank you all so much for playing along. I really appreciate your feedback.
I love you all and will take each and every suggestion under consideration (including the ones asking for more giveaways 🙂 ).

Last Chance to Enter The Drawing for a $50 Gift Certificate To Scrapbook.com

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Today is the last day to enter the drawing on Creativity Prompt for a $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE to Scrapbook.com.

For more details on the giveaway click here.


The contest is closed!

Oops, I have made a mistake…

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Hi everyone, I am so sorry for the bloop on today’s creativity prompt, “The 10 Minute Mini-Book”.

I was working late on a future project and publishing the video on You-Tube (which means changing it from a private video to a public one) has just slipped my mind.

I am really sorry, but the video is up now so you can go back here and watch it 🙂

Inspiration Prompt #23 – The Elements Of Life

Monday, October 27th, 2008
Cát tuyến và ... tiếp tuyến
Image by ThinhHoang via Flickr

Who can identify what are the most important elements of life more adequately than someone who had formed wondrous worlds, full of character and flair, knights and princesses?

No one can, right? Than let us soak up the words of Hans Christian Andersen:

“Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

Living in Ireland, which can be rainy and gray, I do appreciate the warm rays of the sun, caressing my skin softly and brightening up my day. But a sun can also be a hug from a loved one, a warm word of encouragement, an unexpected compliment from a stranger and a wide and honest smile.

Freedom is indeed a key element in life, as without it we are nothing but marionettes, hand held puppets. Freedom gives us both the reason and the means to live.

When we are free and feel the sunshine above us (whether the weather is good or it is only the atmosphere around us), all we need for going on at full steam is a flower to bloom right in front of us and embellish our day, show us how beautiful life is – remind us that we are free and that the sun is shining.

Share –

What are your elements of life? Do you agree with Hans Christian Andersen’s list? Leave a comment and share your opinion.

Giveaway Update –

A while back I had hosted a giveaway on my blog. The prize offered was a copy of the brilliant book: Visual Chronicles by: Linda Woods and Karen Dinino.

On October 15th I randomly picked up a winner, yet the prize has remained unclaimed, albeit an e-mail sent to the previous winner.

Therefore, I have randomly picked another winner, which is: Mary Doak.

Her comment was:

Celebrating with family. and goals for the new year will be to declutter our home. I have packed too many things in this little house. Thanks for sharing your time and gifts with all of us.
I am from the State of Maine

Congratulations Mary, please e-mail me your address, and I’ll send you a copy of the book 🙂

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