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Handmade – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

April 4th, 2011 by Avital

handmade card sets

We are about to visit home soon, after more than a year away. In the midst of making all the “gift arrangements” I found out that what my sister remembers the most and uses the most is the bonus set of handmade cards I gave her last year. Not the fancy schmancy make up or the cool toys for the kids. Just a batch of cards that I made myself. What a revelation.

We are still up to our ears with boxes containing gifts and specialties, but I decided to add a bonus handmade card sets to each of my peeps back home.

As my family lives in Israel and greets its acquaintances in Habrew, I decided to create the greeting digitally and print the cards’ frame and build on it.

As for the design I wanted to make each set cohesive with a repetitive design element, in both layout and materials.

The best way for me to go about it was to choose one collection paper pad, one (or two similar) stamp and one additional embellishment.

I love the results.

To finish it off as a gift, I wrapped each bundle with a cute ribbon and infused it with love dust.

The “ingredients” are from my recent humongous purchase from Scrapbook.com after 6 months of scrap supply dryness…

Here is what my shopping cart included:

What do you think? Will all these goodies finally get me going?


Did you buy anything you are really excited about lately?


At the advice and sweet encouragement of wonderful Virginia I decided to add these card set to the Moxie Fab World’s challenge. Wish me luck 🙂

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11 Comments to “Handmade – The Gift That Keeps On Giving”

  1. Hello Taly!
    Great idea with the cards, it is something I always mean to do, but never did (making a box of cards as a gift, I mean).
    Totally “envious” of your new acquisitions, you have a list of my favourite manufacturers in your shopping list.
    Thanks for the comment in my blog, I miss you…

    • Avital says:

      Thank you Elisa, I miss you too 🙂
      P.S. It was the result of a prolonged scrapbook supply depravation…

  2. Great cards! and wonderful shopping cart as well avital!

  3. Virginia L. says:

    Each one of them is delightful, Avital! So happy to see your awesome work! I believe that you can enter this at MF (card set challenge)and maybe win something 🙂

  4. Debstamps says:

    Love what you did here Avital! Personal and fun! Good Luck at Moxie Fab!

  5. Cath says:

    Hi Avital! Thanks for linking these sets up to the Card Set Challenge in the Moxie Fab World in celebration of 350 Cards & Gifts Week! 🙂

  6. Kristin Townsend says:

    Are you taking all this with you and giving this stuff as a gift to teach them how to make cards? I maybe missing something???