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Inspiration Prompt #32 – A New Year Brings A New Opportunity

December 29th, 2008 by Avital
New Year - New Opportunity
[Photo by: Jesus Solana]

When I was young my big sister used to tell me that I should try to behave extra nicely on the New Year’s Eve & day as the way I behave then reflects on the way I conduct myself throughout the entire year. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a young girl’s small shoulders. The ability to ruin the entire year ahead based on a single day of misconduct…

But you know what – it isn’t true. There isn’t one day which can influence the entire year and the days of the year are never homogeneous. There are bad days and there are good days. Ups and downs.

One thing that the New Year Eve does represent for me, though, is: opportunity.

An opportunity for a change. An opportunity for taking your own life under control and taking responsibility. An opportunity to stop the vicious cycle of a self debilitating dialogue that goes like this: “If I didn’t manage to {insert something you really want in your life in a verb form}, I am never going to do it.” or “If I didn’t stop {insert a bad habit}, I’d never stop it”.

You can and you will!!!

This week’s inspiration prompt is all about the physiological window of opportunity that the new year brings along.

Grab this opportunity and take control – Be powerful!

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What does the new year’s eve represent for you?
What opportunities do you see in the coming year?

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2 Comments to “Inspiration Prompt #32 – A New Year Brings A New Opportunity”

  1. Hi – stumbled upon your blog – and love what I have found.

    New Years Eve for me is a chance to reflect and think about the things I want to achieve for the coming year

    This year I plan to have my own tv show on the internet and present tutorials on beading and craft – I plan to overcome my self doubt and show myself that I can do amazing things if I just let go of negativity.

    I used to right my goals down every day but stopped doing it when I left my professional career. I now own my own craft book business and felt that I now longer really needed written goals.

    How wrong I am – your blog has inspired me to think about my goals again and refocus in a different direction – goals are not just for sales people and professionals.

    Look forward to your posts and love the craft projects

    • Avital says:

      You go ,girl!

      Follow your dreams and make them into reality.

      When you start your own show – don’t forget to leave here a link for all my dear readers and for myself 🙂