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Creativity Prompt #31 – Make A Free Standing Calendar

December 26th, 2008 by Avital

2009 Calendar

The year 2008 is coming to an end. It is time to start planing the glorious 2009 which is right at the corner. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to start the year to come with a handmade calendar, to stand beside you as a reminder of how awesome you are all year long. If you are interested – keep on reading for a step-by-step instructions and a FREE 2009 Calendar download.


  • 2009 Calendar template (download by clicking on the link above).
  • Cardstock
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Loose leaf rings/ribbon (I prefer the rings, but I didn’t have any at home, so I used Paper Trey’s ribbon instead)


  • Paper trimmer
  • Bone folder
  • Ruler + craft knife + cutting mat

Step By Step Instructions –

  1. Print the calendar template (either on cardstock or a regular copy-paper). Cut down the individual months’ boxes with an 1/8″ margin from the dashed frame. Use the marks on your ruler for the alignment and cut with a craft knife.
    Aligning the ruler for cutting
    Work on each of the printed pages individually, as they are not perfectly aligned to each other.
  2. Cut your cardstock at 3½” by 12″.
    Cutting the cardstock for the calendar's stand
  3. Score your cardtock strip (widthwise) at: 3½”, 4½”, 5″, 7″, 7½”, 8½”. I used the paper trimmer and a bone folder for the scoring.
    Scoring the cardstock
  4. Fold all the score lines and burnish with the bone folder.
  5. Apply two strips of strong double sided tape to both ends of one of the 3½” flaps. It doesn’t matter which of them you choose to apply the tape to.
    Applying adhesive
  6. Align both 3½” flaps together and adhere them. That should form the calendar’s stand.
    Adhering the calendar's stand
  7. Group all the months’ boxes together and align them on the top flap of the calendar’s stand. Punch 2 holes right below the top edges of the dashed frame. (I was using a crop-a-dile).
    Punching the holes through the calendar's pages and stand
  8. Attach all the layers together with the loose-leaf rings or the ribbon and you are done!!!


If you have any question, suggestion or remark – don’t hesitate to contact me – either leave a comment, use the contact form or start a new thread on the Creativity Prompt Flickr Group!!!

I would also be very happy to see your own handmade calendars, so do share 🙂

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10 Comments to “Creativity Prompt #31 – Make A Free Standing Calendar”

  1. Rachel says:

    Oh perfect timing and oh-so pretty! Love it, I’ll be linking.

  2. Robyn says:

    What a neat project! Thank you!

  3. Anne says:

    Do you have one for 2010??? This is so cute!

  4. Phillip says:

    I adore the valuable info you offer in your post. I will bookmark your site and have my family check up here oftentimes. I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!

  5. ss says:

    Hey ! calendar looks great! i wanted to know how is the calendar standing? did u make something at the bottom? Please tell me 🙂 ~thanks

  6. Lindy says:


    I love your free standing calendar. I know this has been a bit long already. However, could you elaborate on how exactly to fold it. Cos i am kinda confused. It would be good if there is a video. Thanks.