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Inspiration Prompt – Connecting People Through Art

May 3rd, 2009 by Avital
Connecting People Through Art
[Photo by: Stuart Richards]

Art is one of the most intimate expressions of one’s soul. Whenever someone creates something artistic, he dives deep inside himself in search of inspiration and motivation. The artist seeks his inner creative child and the connection between the two is manifested by the artist’s masterpiece.

This artistic process is one of the few things that are similar in all people. Religion, nationality, gender, beliefs and opinions cannot alter this process. Therefore why not use the forceful power of art to connect people together?

After finding the common denominator of people all around the world – lets use it to spread love and friendship all over.

In the beautiful project “Playing For Change” people are already forgetting their differences and using music to connect – watch the wonderful video below and see it happens.

Why should we stop at music. Art can connect people in many different ways.


How can you connect people together through art? Have you ever done that?

Please share your thoughts and experiences by leaving a comment on this post.

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