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Inspiration Prompt – Do The Impossible

January 26th, 2009 by Avital

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible”
© Arthur C. Clarke

[Photo by: Till Krech]

Back in law school I remember how we were all excited to get back our first paper in Criminal Law. One of the toughest classes. We were all shocked and highly disappointed to find out the highest grade was a ‘D’. How could that have happened? How could we ALL have gotten it wrong? We were pretty angry (as lawyers to be can get… Oy vay.)

The week after, there was a commotion in class. We were ready with the latest laws and court rulings to prove ourselves right. The professor came in, gave one look at the mountain of papers we had accumulated and said: “Do you know what is your mistake? You were all following the law. This is not the way the law can evolve and change. This is the way to keep the law stagnant. If you want a change – you should think farther. You should use your minds and imagination and take a step forward – where no one has stepped before”.

I loved her speech and it made getting a ‘D’ ok, because I had learned a valuable lesson – much more important than the basic potential defenses an accused has and definitely more important than a grade.

This lesson goes far beyond being a good lawyer – it is a lesson for every person who seeks a change.

This week’s inspiration prompt is to make a change by going farther and find a way to do the impossible.

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Do you stop at the possible or go for the impossible?

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6 Comments to “Inspiration Prompt – Do The Impossible”

  1. ruthi says:

    true, and even more in times of difficulties, creativity in every aspect of your life will keep you alive.

  2. Rivi says:

    Doing things I never did before used to be rather intimidating. I used to give myself all kind of excuses as to why not do it. I was afraid of what other people will say and about failure. Fortunately I slowly realized I am missing the whole fun… Trying new things is first of all an experience and its only for me to decide whether it will be a good or a not so good one. And if it wasn’t so good can I make it better next time…? Leave your fears behind….

  3. Natural says:

    wow that was a great story. it sounds like you guys were about to take it a step further and beat him with a book. glad he exlained himself.

    i guess i do a little of both. it depends on how important something really is. if i hit the impossible, i usually find a way around it.

    i do the impossible in the mornings sometimes when i’m running late and end up just making it on time to work. 🙂

    • Avital says:

      You can definitely say we were unhappy… but her speech is something I still remember, which is something I cannot tell about most of the stuff that went on at Law School.