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Make A Wish – Journaling Prompt

July 1st, 2010 by Avital


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Who said you can only journal about the past or only tell stories that actually happen…?

Try a different approach.

Make a layout which is all about what you WISH would have happened or will happen.

Make it as probable or as far fetched as you wish – as long as you are setting your wish-bone free…

My journaling reads:

Somewhere in a place far far away dreams come true. Somewhere up up in the sky there is a truth only the purest people can observe. Somewhere your look can be deciphered and your wishes are loud and clear. Somewhere. I wish it was here…


To jump start your wishing process, share one wish with me?
What is the first wish that comes to your mind right now? Leave a comment and wish along with me.

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2 Comments to “Make A Wish – Journaling Prompt”

  1. What a gorgeous page Avital!
    Thanks for sharing ~