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Never Break A Promise

October 26th, 2010 by Avital

Never Break A Promise

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I guess my birthday has put me in a reflective mood… Memories keep flooding me. Remote as well as recent ones are making me think and think and think some more about then and now.

Journaling reads:

Once upon a time, on a sunny day in 1984, I took my doll on a trip in a park. I wore my favorite pink knitted skirt and my sraw stroller and I carefully rolled it up the trail that led to the park. When I got there I squatted down and whisperred softly in my doll’s ear.

I promised her that I will take care of her and love her. I promised that I will keep her warm and clean. I promised I will kiss and hug her as many times a day as I could possibly squeeze in my buzy (almost) 4 year old schedule.

I then paused and added that I will make sure I will always be there, for her…

Then I got sick and then I got well again and I grew up, as people do and left my doll behind… Now I vow, broken promises no more!


Do you remember a promise you made as a child? I encourage you to write about it and I would love it if your shared your memories with me by leaving a comment 🙂

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2 Comments to “Never Break A Promise”

  1. Love this layout and the other about you!
    I always treasure your journaling as well
    TFS Avital <3