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New Year’s Resolutions Series – Step 3: List – Journaling Prompt

December 16th, 2009 by Avital
New Year’s Resolutions – List
[Photo by: Ayala Moriel]

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

After you have taken a trip down memory lane and analyzed your past successes and achievements, now is the time to create a mindful List.

This is not the time to put boundaries on your thoughts. You need to shut off the inner critic or inner realistic in you and list every dream you come up with. Be it a feasible dream or something which is completely out of reach (such as catching the moon in a jar).

Write a list of 10 resolutions for next year, 100 resolutions or 1,000. It doesn’t matter because in this stage all you do is purge your thoughts into the paper in a form of a list.

Step 4



What is the first resolution on your list (I don’t mean the most important one, just the one that came up first). Share by leaving a comment on this post.

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6 Comments to “New Year’s Resolutions Series – Step 3: List – Journaling Prompt”

  1. # 1: JUST DO IT!

    hey what’s yours? 😉

  2. Nancy says:

    My resolution is to Menu Plan. I think that will benefit me in so many ways. I might lose weight, I will eat healthy and feed my family healthy and I hope to save money with doing this as well.

    • Avital says:

      Thank you for sharing, Nancy. I think that’s a wonderful resolution. I have been cooking most of our meals too and the change is incredible (in some cases even tastier 🙂 )

  3. Barb says:

    To live my dreams, big and small. Think positive, be positive and know that positive things will happen in my life.
    Peace & Love,