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Record Your Food Making Process – Step by Step – Creativity Prompt

April 27th, 2010 by Avital

Step By Step Lunch

[Font: Erika Ormig; Digital Kit: KD Jillian by Karla Dudley.]

It may feel overwhelming to keep track of everything you do throughout the day.

However, if you break it down and follow only one activity at a time – it’s SO easy.

Today try to record just one thing – your food making process.

This layout took me 10 minutes to make!
I took the photos with my cellphone and e-mailed them to myself.
Then I opened up Karla Dudley’s template (which had the exact number of frames I needed!!!)
I clipped all the photos in place and wrote down my process. You may also add the actual recipe…




Have you managed to document an entire week in your life? If, not, give a try to documenting only one piece of your daily life.

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