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Journaling Prompt #1 – Family

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

In honor of Mother’s Day, which was celebrated last Sunday, I would like to dedicate the first journaling prompt to the concept of a ‘family’. Our family.

The notion of a family is extremely fluid, it is constantly changing and reforming. New branches are emerging in a steadfast manner. A spouse. A new born baby.

On the one hand, each marriage or life-partnership joins two families together and each child is born into an existing family; on the other hand, these occasions also create new families altogether. It all depends on your outlook.

This prompt is seeking for your point of view. How do you define YOUR family ?

Does your family consist of your spouse and children or do you still see yourself strongly connected to your mom and dad and to your siblings?

When the word ‘family’ crosses your mind, do you also think about your aunts and uncles? Do you picture your nephews and nieces? or do you adhere to your very own “close family circle”? Who are the people that first come to mind when you are referring to your family, and why?

What had made you stick to your broader family circle or what had made you choose the narrower one? Which circumstances? Which feelings? Which notions? What does the word ‘family’ means to you?

Think about YOUR family for a while and then write down whatever comes in mind.

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