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My Wedding Photo Book

Monday, May 10th, 2010

In less than a month, on June 4th to be exact, my husband and I will be celebrating our three year anniversary.

We got married in a Kibbutz in Israel, in a gorgeous garden in the woods and we also took some picture just before the ceremony at the village where Nadav’s parents are living – Addi.

I made a photo album just after the wedding, the day we got our photos from the photographer. I used a “custom made” program (the only one available at the time) where they offered pre-made templates and I just dragged the photos in and added the journaling.

When we moved to Dublin, Ireland – just a few months after our wedding, I left the photo book at my parents house. I didn’t want to ship it with all our belongings. Time have passed and in the meantime my parents got attached to the book and are treasuring it.

Just now, I finally took the time to make another photo album. This time I went for the “Digital Scrapbooking” option at Shutterfly, where you can design your own layouts with a photo editing software and control every single element that goes into your photo book. I love that idea.

I was working on my album for 20 hours in total (9 of which – sitting straight in front of the computer without getting up). Most of the time went for picking photos and writing all the journaling in reverse because Photoshop doesn’t handle Hebrew.

For a cohesive look I chose a color palette: Gray (#333333), Orange (#FF6600) & Kraft (from KD Capture and Record kit). I chose a bunch of digital kits that match the color palette and the idea behind the book (For instance, the stitching represents the connection between my husband and i). Clearly I went for Karla Dudley’s kits. I used: KD Digi Essentials, KD Digi Essentials 2, KD Jillian, KD Spring 10, KD Chesca, KD Blakely, KD Tweet, KD Capture and Record and KD Fly Girl.

If you want to take a peek at my finished book, you can do it here.

Have you used the Digital Scrapbooking option on Shutterfly? Have you used another service? Please share.