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Washi Tape Madness | Review

September 12th, 2012 by Avital

Washi Tapes

I love washi tapes.

What’s not to love?

They are bright and colorful. They are semi-transparent. They are sturdy, yet easily repositionable.

They’re awesome!

There are so many uses for washi tapes:

  • Attaching photos and ephemera.
  • Adding pages to mini albums.
  • Sealing page protectors and envelopes.
  • Color coding.
  • Adding a color or pattern accent.
  • Sealing envelopes (my favorite things to do).
  • Making quick backgrounds.
  • Binding small booklets.
  • Wrapping gifts and fun packages.
  • Labeling odd items.
  • Keeping dies, templates and masks in place.
  • Creating journaling spots.

to name a few…

Having said that, not all washi tapes are created equal…

I do not have all washi tapes of all brands but I’ve amassed quite a few. and I keep collecting more. It’s an ongoing process – all new Washi family members are welcome!

Here is what I think of the different tape brands I own, starting with my most favorite downwards.

[click on each brand name title to find online]

Love My Tapes

This brand provides the best quality tapes. Great graphic designs that can go with many themes and designs. Sturdy – when you stick them – they tend to stay put. Easy to remove without leaving any residue or peeling off the paper. Luf. Luf. Luf them!
P.S. This brand also carries fabric tape and lace tapes. I’ve only tried the fabric tape and it’s awesome – but bear in mind that these are opaque, stronger and will not peel off easily after they’ve been laid down.

Queen and Company

These tapes are called ‘Trendy Tapes’ and they are very reasonably priced. They are just as good as other washi tapes but cost a smidgen less. As for designs – I love some and don’t care much for others – but that’s a matter of personal taste. As for quality – they are very good and have all the properties I love in ‘Love My Tapes’ but sometimes, not always, when removed – the paper underneath will peel off a little bit – which is why they are placed second and not first. [Note that Prima’s tapes cost less, but the rolls are much smaller].

My Mind’s Eye

These are lovely tapes. I love so many of their designs and so I have more of them on my wish list. They are on the sheer side and they stick pretty well, but sometimes the ends will peel off if they don’t have a steady grip on the paper. They may also pick up some of the paper underneath when removed. However, in general they are very good quality tapes. I only wish I could buy them individually and not in packs of 3’s, although I really like all the tapes here and here and in that pack

Freckled Fawn

It was very hard to ‘rank’ this brand. The thing is that the quality varies. Some are more opaque, some are more sheer. Some are sturdier and some peel off easily. Some can be removed without leaving any residue and some cannot. This brand has a quality control issue… Having said that, I must add that this brand also has the best and cutest designs. If you are looking for something a bit more interesting than stripes and dots, than this is the brand to look for. Still, even the sub par tapes are better than some of the other tape manufacturers out there – just not as good as the ones at the top of my list.

Prima Marketing

These tapes are quite nice. They costs the least per roll, but the rolls are about ½ the size of standard washi tape rolls (~5 yards compared to ~10 yards). If you want to collect a few different styles and do not use it as much, than it’s a good choice. They are more opaque than regular washi tapes (especially the black tape). They adhere pretty well, but not the best of the best out there and when removed they may take a souvenir along with them…

7 Gypsies

These tapes are down here only because they are not really washi tapes, they are paper tapes… They are much stronger and completely opaque. You will not be able to remove them from your project after adhering them, but that also means that they have the best grip of all tapes. They are great for journaling – and you have got to check out the sale that’s going on right now – the whole package costs less than $5 on Two Peas. Maybe I should stock up on some more. Hmm….

Tim Holtz Tissue Tape

These are down here for 2 reasons: [1] They aren’t really washi tapes… Nor they purport to be. They are made from a different material – although they have similar properties such as sheerness and ease of tearing. [2] They would not stick… Their ends always peel right off the page and you need to apply some kind of sealant on top to secure them (such as liquid glue or gel medium). They do come in great designs, very characteristic of Tim Holtz’s grungy style. So if you care for spending some extra time, they will make great backgrounds and accents.

Bella Blvd.

These tapes come in really cute designs and great colors (and also in many different widths…) but for me, they were some kind of a disappointment. They do not have the same feel of standard washi tapes, they are mosre glossy and plastic-y looking. They do not stay put very well but they also tend to peel off some of the paper underneath when removed. I also had one of the tape tear on me when I tried to peel a piece of it off the roll… Not the best quality tapes out there but really good looking ones.


In conclusion, all tapes have some similar qualities and some that are different. These are my personal opinions, based on using the tapes which I bought with my own money… Opinions vary. This is what makes the world an interesting place. Which is why I tried to be as specific as possible – so maybe a brand that I ranked lower for my reasons ranks higher on your personal scale. The important thing is to experiment and have fun, right!?

My current stash

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13 Comments to “Washi Tape Madness | Review”

  1. Cynthia says:

    I totally agree with you on the washi tapes! I CANNOT get enough of them and I tend to stick it on everything!! =D I did just buy a roll of Bella Blvd. (Pickle Juice Chevron) and haven’t had any problems with it. It really does have a more plastic-y feel to it–something I didn’t notice until you pointed it out. 😉 But I love the Queen & Co tapes, cuz really, I have a hard time shelling out $7 for a roll of tape. LOL!

  2. Melanie K says:

    I would have to put Tim’s on the bottom but I have never bought from Bella Blvd! And Freckled Fawn has the BEST designs! I have more tape than I could ever use(I think a minimum of 200 rolls, yeah, BAD I know) But I am always searching for the perfect one, lol. I buy a lot of tape from Gingko (wonderful company and service!) and Pretty Tapes.
    Oh my favorite designs are measuring tape ones and I want a yellow one that looks like and old ribbon measuring tape. Can not find one!

    • Avital says:

      You’ve got way more tape than I do 🙂 I’ve never tried either Ginko or Pretty Tapes. I’ll check these brands/stores out . Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’m curious as to why you didn’t list any of the Japanese brands?

  4. Great Post my Friend! and I’ve enjoyed reading the comments as well….
    I say Wishy Washi should donate a few of their yummy japanese washi, this way you’d be able to write a partII 😉
    I think I beat you though, I own exactly 61 washi tapes!


  5. oups… forgot to say that I love the Lace washi and also, the ones Cavallini & Co makes. Speaking of which that yellow measuring tape is part of the numbers collection by Cavallini & Co ( the one Melanie K is referring to)
    okay, so that brings me to 72 rolls ;o)


  6. Kathy says:


    Great review! I, too love washi tape, but after reading the comments left, I have some serious caching up to do! Love your blog.

  7. Célia says:

    I love MT too! I am crazy about them even!
    Hey here is a page I created with some masking tape and one of your great journal cards: http://www.le-scrap-et-celia.com/article-album-from-highschool-to-uni-9e-page-109860693.html

    Thanks so much again for sharing!