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Daily Reoccurrences – Journaling Prompt

February 18th, 2010 by Avital

Daily Reoccurrences

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Journaling Prompt

One of the disadvantages of a repeated daily routine is that its details are forgotten and lost.

We are so used to repeat the same errands or be with the same people every day that we don’t always notice things about them. We don’t notice the small details of what occurs daily without fail.

In my journey to document and remember as much as I can, I try to take heed of things that I can count on – for better or for worse – to occur and reoccur every single day.

This journaling prompt is general and can refer to people who do certain things in a certain way – every day, or it can refer to errands we run daily (or several times per day, OCD?!), food we eat or beverages we drink daily, etc.

In this layout I highlighted a few of my husband’s behaviors that come up each and every day – and I love him for that… It’s the small things that count most.


Leave a comment and share what things occur daily, without fail? I’d love to get a sneak peek into your dailyness (& I don’t care it isn’t a proper English word. I like it nonetheless).

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4 Comments to “Daily Reoccurrences – Journaling Prompt”

  1. Phillip Chatoff says:

    Love the idea of the journal Avital. I got Nadav being intriguing, happy and witty today.

  2. milkcan says:

    This totally made me smile. Love the journaling on your page!