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Face Your Fear – No Strings Attached

November 4th, 2010 by Avital

Mr. Snake

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When Nadav asked me to hold a snake I refused, forcefully…. But soon enough, here I was with a huge snake on my neck. The snake was heavy and had a weird, rubber-like, consistency. After the initial shock and horror I noticed that the snake started to wrap around my thigh. It was hilarious. I guess Mr. Snake doesn’t really understand the meaning of “No strings attached” notion. Oh well…

I am not a brave person.

More specifically, I am TERRIFIED of snakes.

I keep imagining there are snakes lurking whenever we go hiking in the woods or in a rocky trail.

I am crazy like that.

Therefore when my husband had the genius idea to put a HUGE snake around my neck – I wasn’t exactly happy about it. To say the least.

But my husband has this quality about him to persist and insist until he gets his way.

And so he did.

And so I ended up holding the huge snake.

Facing my fears.

Breathing slowly, in and out. In and out.

And I made it without a heart attack, or any other attack.

I even enjoyed it.

It was rather amusing that the snake started wrapping its tail around my leg and didn’t want to let go.

What do you think?

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10 Comments to “Face Your Fear – No Strings Attached”

  1. iHanna says:

    Fun story and fun photos! I think you are brave to face your fears like that and smiling even! 🙂

    • Avital says:

      Thank you! It was easier than I thought. Plus I was certain the snake can do me no harm, because it was an organized event.

  2. I must admit I jumped in my seat upon seeing your picture with the snake!!
    It’s a great experience and a great page.
    You are much much braver than you think!! EEK>>>>>

  3. Laura Tiffany says:

    Way to go! You’re a lot braver than me.

  4. Sheri Twing says:

    Oh my gosh Taly! When I saw this pic on your Twitter post I shuddered at the very thought! So proud of you for facing your fear….I think I’ll just hold on to mine for a while longer! LOL

    • Avital says:

      The thing with fears is that they are terrifying (hence being “fears”…) only until you face them and see they’re not that horrible after all, considering you take precautions… It’s kind of like chores that makes you procrastinate because you don’t really want to do them but if you take the plunge you see they weren’t that uncomfortable at all.

  5. Linda says:

    I know EXACTLY how you felt. I, too, was afraid of snakes. I didn’t want to show that fear to my fourth grade class students. So , as the teacher, I agreed to have a boa constrictor live in our room for a month. The hardest part was entering the room in the morning. I was afraid it would get loose at night. I even got brave enough to feed it!