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Journaling Mates In The Hands Of Artists

August 8th, 2012 by Avital


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[Click on the images for the full blog post]

I believe that any extra word is redundant.

In the hands of true artists, my Journaling Mates truly shine.

Alexandra, of Art Scrap and More made a striking Project Life spread, using my stickers and a few of my ‘It’s a Date’ printables. The color scheme along with her GORGEOUS photos [and her beautiful little girl in the picture] cannot create a better backdrop for my epoxy stickers. Don’t you think?

Monika, of I Love It All, the queen of beautiful and heartfelt mini books, made a gorgeous mini book for her son. The combination of great design and her big and warm heart creates perfect keepsakes. I love how she added dimension to the stickers and created a whole new look with foam dots.

Make sure you visit these talented ladies’ blogs – you are sure to get quite a few servings of eye candy…

JM-S1 | Record
Spice up your everyday memories with handmade epoxy stickers.

Just $3.00 per package.
6 stickers in each package.
Each sticker measures approximately ¾â€ by ¾â€.

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2 Comments to “Journaling Mates In The Hands Of Artists”

  1. You’re the Artist my Friend!
    Thank you for sharing your goodies with us, I’ve always loved your journaling cards and now I’m madly in love with your JOurnaling Mates! I have to refrain from adding them on every single of my projects 😉