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Journaling Prompt – Childhood Dreams

February 18th, 2009 by Avital

Childhood Dreams The imagination of children is highly developed. It actually seems to degenerate as we grow older… For that reason, childhood dreams tend to be grand and out of this world. We feel that everything is possible if we just want it strongly enough.

childhood dreams can involve figments of our imagination as well as feasible goals and aspirations. So were my childhood dreams. I had so many of them. I can hardly remember most of them, but I do recall a few. Some has actually come true and some not. It is fabulous to go through them and find out which actually came to reality.

For this week’s journaling prompt set aside a few moments and try to remember what were your childhood dreams. Write a list of every dream you manage to call to mind and make a note about the ones that actually came true.

The layout above showcases my childhood dreams. The picture was taken at the kindergarten in the summer of 1984… The journaling reads:I had so many dreams… having a puppy, a pony, finding a fairy, catching the rainbow, getting new stickers, stumbling upon a mountain of ice-cream, getting chocolate milk straight from the tap, getting married, being a nurse, a fashion designer, a lawyer… Some came true. Some not.

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Share your childhood dreams. Has any of them come true? Leave a comment on this post.

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4 Comments to “Journaling Prompt – Childhood Dreams”

  1. Michelle says:

    A friend emailed me a link to your blog the other day, and you’ve got me coming back! I really love this idea. A couple of Christmas’s ago my mother gave each of us four kids photo albums with some of our childhood pictures in them. This prompt is perfect for matching up with one of those photos. Thanks! Can’t wait to see what you have next.

  2. Natural says:

    hmmm, as far as career, i wanted to be a lawyer or an accountant. i’m glad i didn’t choose any of them. my job and passion is writing. not many of my dreams came true, but i’m not done with me yet.