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Bits and Pieces – Sweet Childhood Memory

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

childish meIn the process of sharing a few random facts about me I fell through a time loop and suddenly found myself five-years-old again. Yes, this is me in the picture. My parents took this picture because I fell asleep while reading a book. Soon enough I will never go to sleep without having 7-8 books around (I got bored reading just one at a time).

Well, when I was a small child I would NOT go to sleep without having my mom sending me to dreamland.

Each and every night (unless I fell asleep while reading) she had to put me in an envelope (i.e. cover me with my blanket), write the address on my back and put on a stamp (i.e. a kiss). Then she HAD to say – in this specific order – “Good night. Sweet dreams”.

Any modification of that formula resulted in severe sleeplessness and endless nagging. [I was such a lovely child to raise, wasn’t I?]

I remember how one night my mom was out on a work-trip and my dad had to send me to dreamland…

Now, to understand that properly you must know that my dad is a physicist and the notion of dreamland by itself is way out of his comfort zone.

However, as my dad is a realist, and comfort zone or not, having an extremely annoying child up until midnight is even farther from his comfort zone, he repeated the formula to a ‘t’ and sent me to dreamland. Only much to his chagrin, I had found a discrepancy and refused to go to sleep.

Those were the days…

I wish I will keep this memory close to my heart forever and ever.


Do you have a childhood memory you want to remember forever? Share with us by leaving a comment..

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A Blast From The Past – Revisiting Childhood

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

A Memory Is Born

[Font: KD Everyday; Digital Kits: KD Spring 10, KD Cardstock Essentials 1 – Both font and kits are by Karla Dudley]

This week my mother in law sent me a wonderful surprise e-mail with a fabulous attachment – a few pictures of Nadav as a 1 year-old. I was so happy to receive these pictures, that I have never seen and it combined wonderfully with Karla Dudley’s new release: Spring 10 Kits:

KD Spring '10KD Spring '10 miniBOOK

The vintage springy color palette was perfect for these old photos from the early Eighties and with Nadav’s FABULOUS golden hair. I only wish the quality of the scans was better, so I could have zoomed in and showcase his bright and big blue eyes.

Pictures are triggers of memories and the great thing about them is that you can never know what memories they will bring up. It always starts with the obvious scene that is showcased in the picture but the flight of imagination pushes you deeper and deeper into your past and reminds you of a person who used to be present but had passed away (such as Nadav’s grandfather, Israel, who’s shown here). It reminds you of a place you used to live in or visited often and may be gone or perhaps your memory of it is way different than the way it is right now. It may remind you of a favorite (or not so favorable) piece of clothing you used to wear. A hairstyle you used to have or a relative had. So many memories – one photo…

I remember the first time I revisited a park I used to spend hours in it while I was a kid. I was so disappointed. The humongous part in my head was nothing but a few hundred squared feet. How could I have spent hours playing hide and seek back then?

You see? I am already deep in “reminiscing mode”.

[Nadav, by the way, didn’t even recognize the small dude in the picture at first. So maybe it’s just a ladies’ thing, I don’t know…]


Have you had the chance to go through old pictures lately? What memories do they bring? Do you get “a blast from the past” too? Please. Do share. Just leave a comment. It’s easy and it makes my day.

Journaling Prompt – Childhood Dreams

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Childhood Dreams The imagination of children is highly developed. It actually seems to degenerate as we grow older… For that reason, childhood dreams tend to be grand and out of this world. We feel that everything is possible if we just want it strongly enough.

childhood dreams can involve figments of our imagination as well as feasible goals and aspirations. So were my childhood dreams. I had so many of them. I can hardly remember most of them, but I do recall a few. Some has actually come true and some not. It is fabulous to go through them and find out which actually came to reality.

For this week’s journaling prompt set aside a few moments and try to remember what were your childhood dreams. Write a list of every dream you manage to call to mind and make a note about the ones that actually came true.

The layout above showcases my childhood dreams. The picture was taken at the kindergarten in the summer of 1984… The journaling reads:I had so many dreams… having a puppy, a pony, finding a fairy, catching the rainbow, getting new stickers, stumbling upon a mountain of ice-cream, getting chocolate milk straight from the tap, getting married, being a nurse, a fashion designer, a lawyer… Some came true. Some not.

You may click on the picture for a closer view.Share –

Share your childhood dreams. Has any of them come true? Leave a comment on this post.

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