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Journaling Prompt #19 – Affection

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008


I took this picture at Dublin’s zoo. The closeness and gentleness of the Orangutans were overwhelming. The female Orangutan stroked the little one gently and softly looked at his eyes. However, what really got me was something I’ve noticed only after downloading the pictures to my computer – the way the monkeys held their hands together. I guess the need to be touched affectionately is deeply rooted…

Look at the sadly looking eyes of the baby-monkey. Can you see the way it conveys his feelings to his mother monkey? The way it asks and receives the mother-monkey’s sympathy and affinity? The touch – a mere holding of the hands – is so simple yet the impact is so immense. It is absolutely enchanting.

This week’s journaling prompt, in light of the Jewish holidays, is “Affection”.

  • Have you been enamored by an expression of affection lately? Describe it. Who was the affectionate party and who was the recipient?
  • Are you into showing your affection in public? If so, how do you show it?
  • Do you show your affection only behind closed doors? If so, what is the reason for that?
  • What is your favorite expression of affection?
  • Who would you like to show his or hers affection towards you? Has he or she done it lately?
    • If so, when and how was it?
    • If not – what do you think is the reason for the frostiness? Are you conveying your needs and feelings clearly enough?

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