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Journaling Prompt – The Beauty of the Dialog

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009
The Beauty of a Dialog
[Photo by: izarbeltza]

Havi Brooks of the Fluent self talks to monsters and to blocks. Her dialogs, as I see and interpret them, is actually an intricate monologue. Her conversations are so soulful and sensitive, it has been my absolute pleasure to eavesdrop.

Dialogs are taking a huge place in our lives. From the mundane morning conversations over cereals and PB&J toasts to the monsters that creep inside our heads and hold us back from moving forward with our lives. Gems are often found in both types of conversations, as with all the types of dialog in between.

The bigger the conflict in the dialog, the more interesting it’s bound to be. Taking the less traveled road and trying to negate the conflict and find a bridge between the conflicting voices guarantees a fascinating conversation with some interesting insights into the writer’s (our) mind.

It is also a FANTASTIC journaling prompt.

For this week’s journaling prompt narrate the dialog that goes on between the following duos:
(pick any two that looks interesting to you)

  • Aristotle & Robot
  • Hostage & Captor
  • Killer & Victim’s parent
  • New born & an Old man on his deathbed (variation: young self – current self – old self)
  • Soldier & Terrorist
  • Sprout & Sun
  • Farmer & Banker
  • Lion & ant
  • You & a Cockroach
  • Running shoes & TV couch
  • Creative child & Self critic
  • Cicero & (pro)Blogger
  • Egg & Sperm
  • Left brain lobe & Right brain lobe.
  • Mathematician & Magician.
  • Plaintiff’s lawyer & defendant.


  • Which of the duos do you gravitate to?
  • What other interesting conflicting voices can you think about?
  • Have you eavesdropped (or participated) in an interesting/hilarious & heartwarming conversation lately? (between your kids, for instance…)

It would be a pleasure reading your dialogs, so do share and leave a comment on this post.

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