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Journaling Prompt – Who Am I? Who Are You?

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Who Am I You are a unique person. That much we have establish thus far. But who are you? How do you define yourself? What are your special traits and characteristics that make you so special that there is no one exactly like you? You know they exist. You just need to give it some thought and put it in writing.

I believe that every person has two sets of special traits and characteristics. One that is constant and one is changing all the time. You evolve throughout time and your traits and characteristics evolve with you. You are having new experiences which mold and change you. You pick up new perceptions and new beliefs.

You are changing but also well rooted.

For this week’s journaling prompt I suggest to take a moment and make these two lists. Your constants and your variables. You can also concentrate on just one of your lists.

I wrote about my changing personality and created a layout out of it. You can have a closer look at my journaling here:

Who Am I - Journaling
[For a closer look, click on the photo]

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  • Who are you?
  • Are you going to write about your constants, variables or both?

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Journaling Prompt #22 – You Are Tagged

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

My childhood I was tagged by Hagit and by Anat, both are very talented Israeli artists (who also have another day job…). Even if you do not understand Hebrew, I highly recommend visiting their blogs for the visual inspiration.

The rules of this meme are simple:

  1. Link to your “taggers” on your post.
  2. Include the rules of the meme in your post.
  3. Write 7 random facts about yourself.
  4. Tag 7 other bloggers and notify them by commenting on their blog (I’ll skip this part, sorry, I’d rather leave an open invitation).

As I am trying to keep this blog as useful as possible for you, I will write a few words about this “tagging meme” and why I think you can benefit from playing along with it.

I am a great advocate to preserving life’s stories. I have even suggested to precede the stories to the photos. I believe we should give as much attention to the memories and the stories behind the yellowing photos as we give to taking and keeping the photos. I would even go further more and bluntly say I believe we should give more attention to the words.

However, saying it is much easier than actually doing it… If we are not used to recording our life’s stories than we have a life time of catching up before us… So many stories to tell and no idea where to start.

The “tagging meme” is an excellent place to start. By choosing 7 random facts, you are starting the documenting process. You can have several “tagging” sessions and add more and more random facts, as you are coming up with them. The first set of random facts would naturally be the most memorable and maybe most defining and you can go on from there.

So, for this week’s journaling prompt I challenge you to start documenting your life’s story by picking 7 random facts about yourself and writing them down.

Here are seven random facts about me:

  1. When I was a baby I was abducted from the supermarket (and was found shortly afterward). A crazy, childless, woman just grabbed my stroller and ran outside the supermarket, while my mom was picking up vegetables 🙂 I guess I was a cute baby 😉
  2. I have just celebrated my 28th birthday in Barcelona (I was born in 20.Oct.1980).
  3. As a lawyer I used to spend every free lunchtime I had (with no meetings or other obligations) reading scrapbooking and writing blogs and buying supplies I had never had the time to use.
  4. I have an addiction problem. I do not drink, do not smoke and never did/do/will do drugs – BUT I am addicted to Pringles. I am especially addicted to “Rice Infusion Sweet BBQ”. Yikes. (Any tips for a quick withdrawal, anyone?!?)
  5. I cannot hide resentment (particularly when someone lies to me), however, I have no idea how to cut myself off from a negative/harmful/annoying friend.
  6. I used to believe in magic and fairies. I especially remember a story my sister used to tell me about a magical typewriter that fulfills all your wishes, when you type the words ‘I wish’ in it. I used to spend a lot of time looking after the secret recess in the wall in which the secret typewriter is hidden…
  7. I have an obsessive compulsive need to wash my hand after touching a mop or a bin lid… (and I can’t stand when people are throwing the cleaning cloth in the sink after they are done. Arghhh.)

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Tell me 7 random things about you, I’m curious 🙂

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Journaling Prompt #18 – I am

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Me at 4
Another meme for this week’s journaling prompt. This time the subject is a neglected – yet an important one – “I am me. Who are you?” by the brilliant Amy.

Using a list is actually a great way to journal about a subject which doesn’t come easy to you (like writing about yourself). Use the meme to paint a pretty decent picture of where you are at right NOW with your words:

I am: the accumulation of moments I have had so far. People I have met. Places I have been to. Experiences I have had.

I think: too much about too many things.

I know: very little and have lots of room for learning more and more.

I have: plenty.

I wish: I will always feel I have plenty.

I hate: lies. It’s an immediate deal breaker.

I miss: My family.

I fear: being alone in the dark. (sometimes I fear being alone. Period).

I hear: the voice of reason and shut it off…

I smell: the air freshener… What can I say, I live at the city center, there are no flower fields near by.

I crave: Rice Pringles. Arrrrr. (I’m telling you, they are putting something in it which is highly addictive).

I search: for my muses.

I wonder: What will be our next step in life…

I regret: Ever regretting about anything, though I know I’ll keep on having regrets every once in a while (so often…).

I love: My loving and supporting hubby.

I ache: There are still people in the world who lives/thrives on hatred.

I am not: There yet…

I believe: in miracles.

I dance: like no one is watching (and being told off…)

I sing: like a crow (though I was on my elementary school’s quire)…

I cry: not only in movies but while reading as well…

I fight: my demons and win.

I win: whenever I believe in myself. It works like magic.

I lose: when I stop believing.

I never: smoke.

I always: change my mind.

I confuse: politeness with friendliness too often.

I listen: to way too eclectic music…

I can usually be found: in close proximity to my e-mail…

I am scared: of getting it all wrong.

I need: a real, not-through-skype, hug from my niece and nephews.

I am happy about: following my dreams.

I imagine: a day without a single worry.

I tag: YOU!!!

Pleases share your own list – either write a post on your own blog and post a link at the comments below, or leave a loooooong comment with all your answers. I would really like to hear all about you.

While you’re at it, take a peek at Joce’s take on it. It’s both hilarious and moving at the same time.

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