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It’s Been A Year

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Maya 1 year

[Photos by Cheramie Cheung]

10/11/12 had been a whirlwind kind of day.
It started with a regular doctor’s appointment and ended up with me holding my Maya in my hands.
A few weeks earlier than expected.
It’s been an unforgettable year.
My Maya has grown and become the most beautiful, kind and intelligent little toddler.
I am grateful beyond words.

My Maya

I love you , Maya!
I love you to the moon and back.
I love you beyond the farthest star.
I love you deeper than the center of earth.
I love you dearly and infinitely.

Maya Is Eight And A Half Months Old. Oh. My. God.

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Maya at 8 months

Somebody, please pinch me.
My tiny little Maya, whose head I could fit in my palm, is 8½ months old.
Oh. Em. Gee.
Her eyes are still blue.
Her skin is still paper-white.
She is still pretty small [just 14 pounds…].
She drinks fruit smoothies with a straw.
[This one is banana and avocado. Thanks for asking]
She crawls. She sits. She has 3 teeth…
[I have the marks to prove that.]
She smiles a ton.
She does tricks.
She captivates everyone who sees her.
I mean e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e.
She loves books.
She loves being outdoors.
She REALLY loves the swing.
The harder we push – the better.
She ‘talks’ herself to sleep.
She is my world.
My world is SO awesome!

What Motherhood Means To Me – New Mother’s Day Tradition

Saturday, May 11th, 2013


Today was the first time I celebrated Mother’s Day as a mom.
This is a great opportunity to start a new tradition.
Every Mother’s Day I will write myself a letter on what motherhood means to me.
Later I can share it with my Maya and also see how the meaning of being a mom developed throughout the years.

Motherhood, to me, means infinite love.
Motherhood means to constantly be at awe.

Motherhood is being sleep deprived and bitten (Yay for first teeth!!!),
but all I want to do is to gently stroke her delicate hair, caress her soft skin,
gaze into her big blue eyes and whisper in her ears how much I love her and how perfect she is.
Perfect beyond my imagination.

When I was pregnant with Maya I always tried to imagine how my little baby girl will be.
I dreamed up the perfect little face and the cutest little hands, legs an belly to tickle.
I pictured the smartest little girl with the friendliest demeanor.
Boy, oh boy, was I far from reality.

My Maya came out better than I have ever imagined.

She’s perfect!

Motherhood is reading stories and singing songs to her.
Motherhood is holding her until her sweet eyes fall to sleep (when her tummy aches).
It is waking at night to comfort her or to feed her or just to make sure that she’s sleeping soundly in her crib.

Motherhood means missing a heartbeat when you hear her laughing out loud.

Motherhood means taking the magic of her growth and development with ambivalence.
Motherhood means feeling sadness that soon she will only eat solids and we won’t have our intimate feeding time anymore.
Motherhood means feeling immense joy when she learns something new or grows out of her clothes.

Motherhood means the world to me.

It is the best thing that ever happened to me!

I am so grateful for you, Maya.

What does motherhood mean to you?

In 2013 I resolve to…

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Maya and Mom

Enjoy my time spent with Maya.

I want to tear up when she squeals in joy.
I want to miss a beat when she learns something new.
I want to watch her start crawling.
I want to hear and listen to her first words.
I want to be there when she makes her first hesitant step.
I want to run after her when she doesn’t stop running around.
I want to read her stories.
I want to play with her.
I want to be there for her.
I want to be part of her present.
This is my present,
for 2013.

In 2013 I resolve to be there for my little daughter and to enjoy every second of it.


Despite the lost sleeping hours.
Despite the soreness of breastfeeding.
Despite the occasional frustrations
caused by sickness or unexplained crying.

I want to be there for my Maya,
and I want to enjoy every second of my time with her.


This is my New Year’s resolution.

What is yours?

Around Here

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Story Time

This is my 24/7 as of late.

Pretty darn cute!

I would say…

Hello, my name is Maya and I am awesome!

Monday, October 29th, 2012


For all of you who were wondering where I have been, here is the precious little reason.

I had just had my first baby.

An amazing little baby girl, named Maya.

Maya was born a bit unexpectedly.

See, Maya was extremely anxious to come out before reaching term, not to mention her due date, which is still in the future 🙂

This early delivery gave me the most fabulous gift for my birthday, as she was released from the NICU just in time to celebrate with my husband and I.

Having said that, it also threw me off schedule and I wasn’t prepared for the time away that I needed and still need to take care of my tiny baby.

But don’t worry, I am still around and still planning very cool stuff for the near future.

I hope you will stay tuned too 🙂

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