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Hello, my name is Maya and I am awesome!

Monday, October 29th, 2012


For all of you who were wondering where I have been, here is the precious little reason.

I had just had my first baby.

An amazing little baby girl, named Maya.

Maya was born a bit unexpectedly.

See, Maya was extremely anxious to come out before reaching term, not to mention her due date, which is still in the future 🙂

This early delivery gave me the most fabulous gift for my birthday, as she was released from the NICU just in time to celebrate with my husband and I.

Having said that, it also threw me off schedule and I wasn’t prepared for the time away that I needed and still need to take care of my tiny baby.

But don’t worry, I am still around and still planning very cool stuff for the near future.

I hope you will stay tuned too 🙂

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New Workshop – Welcome Little One || REGISTRATION CLOSED

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Workshop - Welcome Little One

I am super excited to announce the launching of a new unique workshop by Creativity Prompt.

Whether you are expecting a new baby soon, you have just had a new baby or you want to give a special gift to a new mom, “Welcome Little One” is exactly what you are looking for.

This workshop offers a quick and easy way for the busy new mom to put together a gorgeous mini album to capture and record the first moments of the precious new born child.

The workshop is unique by providing pre-designed pages with journaling prompts, all sized to the standard 4″ by 6″, so that all you have to do is to print the pages, add the photos and tell the stories.

All the guess work is left for the upbringing of the child, none for the child’s very first mini album.

In addition, by providing all the patterned papers and titles in the pre-designed pages, the workshop is also reducing the supply list down to the absolute minimum necessary.

In fact, chances are that you already have all the supply at home, especially if you like recycling old boxes for their chipboard and old clothing for their fabric. Thus, basically the cost of this mini album is limited to the cost of the workshop and prints. Thats it!

Not only that, but the workshop also provides a set of digital frames you may use on your digital pages, lay over photos or print on your own patterned papers or cardstock, in case you prefer your creative freedom over pre made templates.

Furthermore, as the workshop kit is digital, you may use it over and over again for the same low price.

The Workshop Includes:

  1. A pdf file with clear and concise step by step instructions, supported by color photos and supply list.
  2. 10 jpeg files with pre-designed pages – to be printed at home or online.
  3. 10 png files with digital frames, you may use with your photo editing software.
  4. An embroidery guide for the cover of your mini album (Plus instructions on how to make your own embroidered title guide).


    Type: Self paced, downloadable workshop.
    Format: PDF, JPEG, PNG
    Price: $12.00
    Skill level: All levels.
    Software requirements: None. If you wish to use the digital frames you will need a photo editing software such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, but it is only optional.

How Does The Workshop Works?

  1. Immediately after the purchase you will be asked to confirm your membership, simply follow the instructions you will get on your e-mail.
  2. After the successful registration you will get instant access to all the workshop files with simple downloading instructions.

If you have any question, please leave a comment here or contact me via e-mail.