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What Motherhood Means To Me – New Mother’s Day Tradition

Saturday, May 11th, 2013


Today was the first time I celebrated Mother’s Day as a mom.
This is a great opportunity to start a new tradition.
Every Mother’s Day I will write myself a letter on what motherhood means to me.
Later I can share it with my Maya and also see how the meaning of being a mom developed throughout the years.

Motherhood, to me, means infinite love.
Motherhood means to constantly be at awe.

Motherhood is being sleep deprived and bitten (Yay for first teeth!!!),
but all I want to do is to gently stroke her delicate hair, caress her soft skin,
gaze into her big blue eyes and whisper in her ears how much I love her and how perfect she is.
Perfect beyond my imagination.

When I was pregnant with Maya I always tried to imagine how my little baby girl will be.
I dreamed up the perfect little face and the cutest little hands, legs an belly to tickle.
I pictured the smartest little girl with the friendliest demeanor.
Boy, oh boy, was I far from reality.

My Maya came out better than I have ever imagined.

She’s perfect!

Motherhood is reading stories and singing songs to her.
Motherhood is holding her until her sweet eyes fall to sleep (when her tummy aches).
It is waking at night to comfort her or to feed her or just to make sure that she’s sleeping soundly in her crib.

Motherhood means missing a heartbeat when you hear her laughing out loud.

Motherhood means taking the magic of her growth and development with ambivalence.
Motherhood means feeling sadness that soon she will only eat solids and we won’t have our intimate feeding time anymore.
Motherhood means feeling immense joy when she learns something new or grows out of her clothes.

Motherhood means the world to me.

It is the best thing that ever happened to me!

I am so grateful for you, Maya.

What does motherhood mean to you?

Journaling Prompt – Indicate Mother’s Day Differently

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

I love my mom farther than my words can reach. Therefore, for mother’s day, this year, I want to indicate my appreciation differently. Instead of going on and on about how great my mom is, I want to concentrate on the first memorable [obviously there is no way to remember the breastfeeding part] experience that created the strong bond between us.

Each mother and child have one moment in life in which they feel the bond between them is sprouting. I am aiming for this moment and trying to recall and capture it forever.

For this week’s journaling prompt write about the moment the bond between you and your mother was established.

You might want to make a copy of your journaling and send it to your mom, she will surely treasure the memory.

Variations of this week’s journaling prompt:

  • Write about the “moment” the bond formed between you and your kids
  • Encourage your kids to write/tell you what was their “moment”
  • Interchange memories of the “moment” with your mom – this moment is not necessarily the same for both of you.

I want to share my moment with you in honor of my fabulous mom:

Shortly after the beginning of elementary school I became very sick. It was probably a virus I caught up from our guinea pigs (The poor guinea pigs did not survive…). My immune system completely shut down and no doctor could provide a diagnosis. The prognoses were not positive. The doctors looked worried and perplexed. I can only imagine what my parents had gone through. I was just a small child, feeling weak and drowsy, but not aware of what’s going on.

My dad stayed with my 2 older sisters at home and my mom slept on a mattress beside me at the hospital 24/7.

I remember one night, My fever went way up and nothing they did reduced it – I had an ice wrap, an alcohol bed – you name it… The test results showed another aggravation in my condition. I felt bad and my mom encouraged me to channel my thoughts into something positive. I came up with a song about two lions hugging each other and creating some healing heat together. Rest assured I also “composed” this song and sang it very loudly and repeatedly all night long…

In the following morning something had changed. The test results started showing an improvement. A true miracle the doctors thought. I know what had cured me. Now you know what it was too.


When did the bond between you and your mother sprout? How are you going to honor your mother on May 10th? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment 🙂

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Bonus Creativity Prompt – Mini Tag Book For Mother’s Day

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Mother's Day Mini Tag Book

Mother’s Day is coming soon so I came up with a fun project for FaveCrafts that I believe your mom will treasure.

The idea is to treat your mom as your valentine and write her micro love letters compiled together in a whimsical mini book.

For Step By Step instructions, just click on the Favecrafts banner below 🙂

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