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Journaling Prompt – The Sound Of Silence

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
The Sound Of Silence
[Photo by: Amparo Torres]

People talking without speaking,
people hearing without listening,
people writing songs that voices never share
and no one dared disturb
the sound of silence.

silence like a cancer grows.

Taken from “The Sound Of Silence” by: Paul Simon, 1964

Paul Simon has brilliantly described what the sound of silence means to him. I , however, have a different take on it. These words make me think about what happens in my head when the outside world is completely quiet.

Whereas the outside world is still, there is an absolute mayhem inside. When my mind is clear of any external interruption then all my doubts, self criticism and panic creep in with an uproar.

While everything outside is silent – the inside is shouting its lungs out. When I’m weak and vulnerable – I’m crumpling up at the self-bashing turmoil. But when am feeling strong and potent – I’m talking back, which makes the inside of my mind even louder…

For this week’s journaling prompt tune in and write down how does the sound of silence resonate with you?

Share –

What do you hear when there is silence?

What organ reigns supreme when everything around is on mute? Is it your heart or your mind? (or another one altogether, perhaps your ear?)

For the hearing impaired – how do you deal with the silence you are living in? I’m in awe and very anxious to learn about your way of coping with the sound of silence.

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