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Journaling Prompt – Taking Flight

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Taking Flight - Safe Haven There are times in life when we feel the need to take flight. We wish we could grow wings and fly away to our a safe haven.

There are numerous reasons to take flight. A difficult phase in life. An impossible struggle. A hurtful situation – either physically (i.e. facing a bully…) or psychologically. An unsuccessful business move or a general feeling of discomfort with the present situation.

Safe havens can be perceived in two different ways:

  1. An actual place you go to, when you want to get detached. A book. The park. The beach. A mountain trail. Etc.
  2. A fantastic place where you’d rather be, if only you could teleport yourself there…

For this week’s journaling prompt you can take the notion of taking flight either way.

  • Where do you go to when you feel the need to hide?
  • From which situations would you like to take flight?
  • Have you ever wanted to disappear? When? What happened?
  • If you were able to grow wings and fly, where would you go to?

When I feel overwhelmed I either start painting or read a book I feel connected to. I wish I could teleport myself to a place where only pure goodness exists (I’m not sure they’ll let me in…) Being next to my nephew is close enough…

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